Wednesday, April 2, 2014

World Autism Day Blog Hop

It is my pleasure to be part of RJ Scott's Autism blog hop. RJ wished to pass this information along to you: There is no cure for autism. However, there are a range of interventions (learning and development techniques) that people may find helpful.

Autism has touched more friends and family of mine than I can count. I hadn't become aware of autism until college, when I saw the film Rain Man. I imagine others could say the same, but as the world gets smaller through increased communication, we're learning more about this condition and how people are working to understand and overcome it. The more we learn, the better chance we have of helping those who need it.

The theme for this hop discusses what we have learned from our children. My daughter is the light of my life, and I have certainly learned quite a bit from her. She enjoys the things a girl her age might - dolls, videos games, My Little Pony. When she was very young, she enjoyed drawing valentines all year long. She would cut them out and keep them with her when we went out to dinner, and she'd give them to waitresses and others. Once I asked her how many she intended to give away, and she said, "I have to make one for everybody in the world."

It's a nice thought, isn't it? It might sound a bit hippy-dippy to an adult, but children don't come into the world as haters. My daughter wanted to put a smile on somebody's face and the valentine worked. So that's what I learned: make somebody smile and we all feel good.

As part of the hop, I am giving away one eBook from my backlist to one winner. You can enter with the widget below. Good luck!

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Dee Little said...

How very sweet! Your daughter sounds like a very kind little girl :)

ShirleyAnn said...

You a sweet little girl. This is a great blog hop to Highlight Autism.