Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday #HornyHDay Post

For today's Horny Hump Day: a NSFW snip from an upcoming novella re-release.

Kelly Landry was three steps into the spacious walk-in pantry of his bakery when he stopped short on discovering his assistant baker’s indiscretion. Manny stood with his back to Kelly, gripping either end of a large wire baker’s rack, his legs spread apart.


Watch for cover reveal and news soon.


Paisley Brown said...

Wow, that definitely got my attention! XX

L VanHorn said...

Oh my, what is he doing in there? ;)

Leigh Ellwood said...

It's a bit of a tease, yes. Sorry for the bareness of the post. Last minute thing, will do better next time.

Lynda Bailey said...

Gracious! I need to know more!

Patricia Green said...

Wow! That's an eye-opener (pun intended). :)