Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sideboob Reading Challenge: Lace II by Shirley Conran

SPOILERS AHOY!!!! You've been warned.

See the original Sideboob Hour TBR post.

Yeah, so I said I probably wouldn't read the sequel to Lace (my review here) because, truthfully, while the previous book made for one hell of a popcorn-munching WTF hot mess, I wasn't sure I wanted to revisit any of these people. As I've admitted in the past, either here or elsewhere, I am the sequel's bitch. I may loathe an anchor book with great passion, but if I learn there's a follow-up I'm drawn to it like me to cake. Right now I have A Lion Among Men in my TBR, despite disliking both Wicked and Son of a Witch. I'm like Sheldon Cooper in that respect - I need closure.

Odd, though, that I DNF'd the second Game of Thrones book a third of the way in, and there's plenty of incest-y WTF, not unlike Lace. Well, I'm crossing the ocean in June, so I'll be held hostage to my Kindle then.

So Lace II...oh, what a snooze. Really. We're coming off the ending of Lace, where it's revealed porn star turned legit actress Lili was conceived of a rape committed by a man - the ruler of a war-torn Somwhere-stan - with whom she later flinged (ew), so you'd think the sequel would explore more of that. Instead, it begins with a sort of bang with Lili kidnapped for a ransom that can only be paid by her father, then meanders into a backstory that takes up most of the novel. Lace II essentially covers the very boring rebuilding of a mother-daughter relationship, with the story interrupted occasionally by the adventures of Judy's school pals, Kate and Maxine and Pagan. TBH, it's been a while since I finished and I could swear one of these women didn't get as much air time in this go-round.

Just checked my Goodreads recap: Kate gets the shaft here.

Anyway, there's stuff about people dying from diseases, unfaithful husbands, and affairs with people who weren't in the first book. Judy's lover (she always refers to him as "my lover" - I'm meeting my lover, why are you talking to my lover...I keep flashing back to that awful SNL skit) has feelings for Lili and of course Lili's a bitch whore because of that.

As it turns out, the kidnapping plot wasn't even well thought out - some dimwit employee of Judy's concocted the scheme, and after all this the question of Lili's father is never resolved. We're denied the eye-popping I did whaaaaat???!!!  moment. Meh.

I doubt Lace was written with the intention of winning literary awards, but Lace II reads like it was phoned in, maybe an idea from the publisher after the first book sold so well. Was there supposed to be a Lace III to wrap this up? Meh.

If you enjoyed Lace, you may end up rage-reading this one. I just did not enjoy it.

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