Monday, March 17, 2014

My Writing Process

Welcome! I have joined a special blog hop/tour chain where authors talk about their WIPs and writing processes. Bridget Midway tagged me last week on Facebook, so be sure to visit her. Scroll down to the end to find out who will blog next week.

And away we go!

What am I working on?

I think the question here is, what am I NOT working on? I have a number of WIPs open, but I'll talk about the one I am chin-deep in edits with right now:

Sugar Rush is a novella, close to 30K and a lesbian romance. It's about a bakery owner who becomes a minor social media celebrity, and a young woman who wants something sweet from her. ;-) I wrote this especially for a call from Ellora's Cave for F/F romance. The first round of edits are done, and I'm waiting on more. 

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

See my latest F/F story, A Taste of Vanilla.

You know, that's a good question. Ellora's Cave isn't exactly known for lesbian romance - it's a genre they are gradually building in their store, and I was thrilled to be contracted for this "Hot Pink" imprint they will launch in June. Sugar Rush also builds up to the sex - you'll get to know my ladies (Neve and Judy) and hopefully like them before they really like each other. EC built its house on supremely sexy stories, and Sugar Rush has a bit more sweetness. It's a great story, though, so if you are looking for an F/F gateway please come back in June. I promise the sequel, Sugar High, will get hotter.
Why do I write what I do?

See Coming Together: Through the Storm, where I have a BBW M/F short.

Why do I breathe? LOL

Seriously, I like stories. I like variety, and I enjoy creating situations where people and enjoy each other. They like each other, fall in love...try new things. I love to read, but sometimes I can't find exactly what I want to read, so I handle it.

With lesbian romance, I see there is a growth potential for readership. I've heard "icky" used to describe it, and I don't know why. M/M erotica is popular among women, so why would two women in love be "icky"? Love is for everybody.

How does your writing process work?

See Love is Bliss, a new duology.

This really depends on the story. For a sequel/series book, I read what's already written and keep track of eye color, hair color, past events, etc. I have family trees and charts to help with minor details. When writing a new hero/ine, I usually have an image in my head of what they look like and how they act. 

For a romance, I tend to be a pantser. Like throwing two people into Survivor and watching them roll. For mysteries, I have to plot, because the journey from mystery to resolution must make sense. I used to plot out chapters, but lately I find I am more comfortable just writing. Time is rather precious these days, with the little one getting older and requiring more attention.

I should also note I'm reading more lately and getting a feel for other styles. It helps me hone my own.


Hope you enjoyed your stay! Here are the authors on bat next week.

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I love that you're always pushing boundaries, Leigh. Way to go!