Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Giveaway Hop!

It's the Valentine's Day Giveaway Hop! Check the full hop for prizes to win and be sure to enter my giveaway!

We all have memorable Valentine's Day stories to share - some we look back on more fondly than others. This is a fun day around the house, especially since I have a young romantic at home. Her idea of a good Valentine's Day is to ensure everybody in the world gets at least one valentine heart. When she was little she would make paper hearts and hand them out to people she met. We met quite a few perplexed and surprised waiters over the years.

It's a feeling, though, isn't it? Give everybody a Valentine and spread the goodness. I suppose that's one reason I enjoy writing romance - many might sniff at the genre because they don't deem it literary, but if I had a choice to read about people in love or something miserable... I know what I'd choose. If you spend more time making love instead of war, less people get hurt. Of course, if you're into the kinky stuff...well, I won't go there.

A few years ago I wrote a free short-short called Daring Hearts. It came as part of a series I used to write, Dareville. It is set during Valentine's Day and there's a whole lotta loving going on there. You're welcome to grab it free at All Romance, and take a chance on my blog hop giveaway. You'll get a signed book from me plus a surprise grab bag. Could be anything in there - candy or tea, a coffee mug. You'll enjoy it, I hope.

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