Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Hop

Welcome, gift hoppers! I'm back with another exciting blog hop giveaway. Special thanks to Skye Warren for setting this up. For Valentine's Day, I'm giving away a free eBook and $10 in ARe Bucks for use at - my favorite eBook store. Good luck! Don't forget to sign up with the Rafflecopter.

While we're waiting to pick a winner, I had trouble deciding what else to offer on today's blog. Usually I offer an excerpt of a book already out, or survey some of my books for readers to check out. I can tell you now that you can go to All Romance and Amazon for my books. I write pretty much everything: het and GLBT erotic romance, erotica, mystery...I'm all about equal opportunity.

Today, though, I decided to offer something unique. I'm in the process of writing a thousand WIPs at once, and here is one of the many I hope to finish this year. It's a cowboy romance, something I've not yet tried. Title is still pending, but maybe when I get deeper into it I'll ask for suggestions. Enjoy this teasy-tease:

UNTITLED (c) Leigh Ellwood

Oh, holy hell. This can’t be right.

Walt McCade remained rooted to the spot, oblivious to harried passersby dragging roll-away luggage and squalling children behind them. He kept the sign he used to page the cook he’d been charged with picking up at chest level, thinking perhaps the smiling double-take shot in his direction might fade into embarrassment when the young woman neared and realized she’d read the name incorrectly.

Yet, this woman—sexy as all hell in a red button-down blouse that hugged her shapely breasts, and tight blue jeans that could inspired love ballads for years—continued to walk toward him. Maybe she was lost, this coffee and cream-skinned beauty who probably tasted as good as she looked, and figured Walt looked local enough to trust to point her the right way.

No way in Hell could this petite young thing be…

They stood nearly toe to toe now in the busy concourse, and Walt stared into eyes deeper than the richest dark chocolate.

"Andy Wayne," the woman said, and extended a hand. Walt saw no evidence of hard work there, nothing to indicate this Andy Wayne had experience cooking on an active ranch. He blinked at her red fingernails, done so presumably to match her outfit, and notice no chips or cracking. These hands carried shopping bags laden with shoes down Fifth Avenue while their owner looked for more shoes.

What the hell? he thought. Had somebody pranked him? He looked around for somebody snickering behind a large post.


Duh duh DUNNNNNNNNNNN! Whatever will happen next? ;-)

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Cindi said...

I'm not sure what will happen next but I certainly want to find out!!! lol

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Elise-Maria Barton said...

Thanks for the teaser :)
Happy V-day

amy bowens said...

I really enjoyed the excerpt! Can't wait to read more from you! I also agree with you All Romance is a great site! Thanks for sharing!

Nay Nay said...

Got me hooked. Now please finish it so I can get it to read. LOL
Thanks for being part of this fun hop and for the chance to win.
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Renee M said...

Awwww I don't know what happens next but I want to. Thanks.

Wanda Craighead said...

Thanks for the teaser and participating in the giveaway.

Natasha said...

Thanks for the chance to win!
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celina k said...

Great excerpt, thanks!

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Courtney said...

thanks for the giveaway opportunity. i'm very new to the romance genre.

well, of course the pretty lady comes up and talks to walt :P

Brittany Wendtland said...

Sounds Great!!! Thanks for the chance!!! bw2323bro(@)

hhkaufman78 said...

Happy Valentine;s Day!
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Shadow said...

Hi! Happy Valentines! Thank you for sharing and for ​the amazing giveaway!

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Shannon Williams said...

Great teaser!! Thanks!!