Monday, February 3, 2014

Now in Audio: The Lady Dares!

The Lady Dares, a Dareville short, is now in audio at Audible!

Here's the blurb: All Marlene Robeson wanted was the happily ever after and the ride into the sunset. Now divorced with few romantic prospects, all she has is a stool at Dareville's most popular bar and a chip on her shoulder. While friends party on with their significant others, Marlene sulks.

Jeff, the handsome young bartender, is willing to lend a sympathetic ear…and two arms, and much more. Marlene doesn't consider herself a "cougar," yet one look at Jeff's lean body has her ready to test her claws.

Speaking of audiobooks, I have recently regained the audio rights to Truth or Dare and Daringly Delicious. They had been available through AudioLark, but now that relationship has ended I will look into having them produced through ACX. Presently the rights to the other three Dareville novels - Dare Me, Daring Young Man, and Dare to Dream - are with their main publisher. However, the time is running out on those rights, so I need to consult the calendar to see when they expire. As far as I know, there are no plans to produce the audio books. In my experience, it can be a lengthy process depending on the narrator you hire, the schedule you set up, and the length of the book. I'm grateful for all the narrators who've taken on the job of producing my works. In the future I'd like to try it myself - I used to do a podcast, and people tell me I have a good voice for audio. We'll see. I need good equipment first.

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