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Leigh Ellwood at Love Spanks 2014

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Read on to find out how to win a signed paperback copy of She Loves Me, my lesbian erotic anthology!

I am pleased to announce this summer I will be kicking it up a notch - my first title with Ellora's Cave is a lesbian erotic romance under their Hot Pink line. The idea for Sugar Rush came to me during the last major elections when a few states proclaimed they would legalize same-sex marriage. I envisioned how people reacted to that, particularly men and women who have waited for years to legally their partners. Once the initial euphoria faded, next certain came planning. All the busy to-dos like finding formal wear, buying rings, getting a venue...getting a cake...come into play.

With this pronouncement, too, came news that not everybody was having an easy time of it. I recall in particular one couple devastated that a service turned them away because they "didn't do gay weddings."

So I thought: I have this baker character named Neve, and she owns Sugar Rush. One day two women come to her shop to order a wedding cake. What happens? How do people in the community react? How does Neve perceive same-sex unions and what happens in her social life when she's thrust into the spotlight?

Many words later, I submitted the novella to Ellora's Cave and was offered a contract! Now you'll have to wait until June to find out the results, which is fitting since June is a great month for weddings. Until then, please enjoy this special short written just for this event, a little ditty I like to call Hot on Her Heels.

Hot on Her Heels (c) 2014 Leigh Ellwood

She boards the Tube at Piccadilly Circus every day at five forty-seven in the early evening, and immediately looks for an empty seat. Once situated, she crosses her legs and straightens her posture, then unzips her handbag and reaches for a tattered paperback that will hold her undivided attention all the way to South Ealing, when she disembarks. The book changes more often than her wardrobe - she favors dark colors and knee-length hems, and the same shoes every day. Four-inch heels, shining red vinyl. Film goddess shoes. A bright target in an otherwise dreary setting.

I know these things because we travel the same route, only my commute ends one stop further, in Northfields. When I moved here from the States I aimed low, assuming correctly that I couldn't afford living space near the museum in Central London where I work. I don't mind the twenty-eight minute Tube ride, though, or the bus time to my apartment. Flat. Whatever. Twenty-six minutes pass quickly studying her as she studies George R. R. Martin. Then Lisa Scottoline. Then Stephen King. She's a straight shot west, but her literary tastes are all over the map.

Her soft brown eyes never flicker from the page. Occasionally her lower lips twitches, as though to protest a plot twist or let slip a reminder of something she has to do when she gets home, or maybe groceries to collect on the way. She wears her light brown hair short; it just touches the curve where her neck meets her back. Every hair in place, every eyelash long and uniform. She steps off the cover of a fashion magazine every night at five forty-seven and braves the stale air of the Tube, and it doesn't touch her at all.

At five forty-seven in the evening, I stand behind her and admire the back of her dress. I contemplate the lines that taper to a slim waist, and the inviting swell of her buttocks, the shape of her calves, the arch of those heels. I spend the next twenty-six minutes pretending to demolish green pigs with angry birds while I sneak glances above my mobile at her quiet form and wonder what she's thinking. What does she do that she dresses so nicely? Where does she eat her lunch, because I never see her tote an extra bag for it.

Is she single?

After her stop, when she disappears into the throng of departing passenger, I spend the remaining two minutes on the Tube cursing myself for my silence. I've let another day pass without making eye contact, smiling, saying hello.

I'm shy and I suck, and every evening I rationalize my cowardly behavior with the idea that it's better to admire a lovely woman from a distance than approach her on a subway like a stalker pervert. A woman like that, gorgeous in heels and lipstick to match, goes home to a doctor or lawyer. Barrister. Whatever.

She's not a lesbian, and she sure as hell wouldn't look at the woman in the black jeans, Zeppelin t-shirt, and threadbare, checkerboard Vans.


At five forty-six this particular evening, I watch the Tube slide to a stop before us. The doors open to an already crowded car, and I worry at first that we will be separated on this trip home. I see bowed heads through the windows and bodies stacked like plywood along the aisle. Everybody takes a deep breath to let on Just. One. More. She is unable to sit and cross her legs and show off those cherry-red fuck-me heels. I am unable to sit and watch her.

Twisting her body left and right with each step into the throng, she forges a spot near a support pole and grasps a top rail. I follow the line of her arms down her side, over her slender hip to her perfect legs. She doesn't appear comfortable, and makes the task of hanging on for dear life effortless. I enjoy the view for a few seconds before other Tube passengers fill the space between us and block her. I wrap my arm around the standing pole close to me, inches from the sliding door, and wait. I'm the last to board at this station.

I wonder if she's able to read, if there's room to dip into her purse and balance a paperback between splayed fingers. With each stop from here to South Ealing, the numbers deplete little. We stop, the doors open, and people choose to remain stranded at their stations a while longer. It's like everybody chose this line at this exact moment to trek to Heathrow - a mass exodus from Central London.

I don't have her lovely visage to keep me company, yet I'm not dissuaded from fantasizing about close quarters. I curse my lack of inventive nature and bravado, for I could at least have slithered through the crowd to grab the rail next to her. Even if I kept my mouth shut, I at least could have enjoyed her at a closer proximity. A sudden stop might have her lurching in my direction, brushing against me. I might have had a moment's touch of her soft, bare shoulder. Her cheek might have pressed on my breast for a tense, wonderful second.

Maybe she would have turned face first into me, brushing her lips over my t-shirt, while curling a hand around my jeans-clad hip for support. I could have righted her by bringing my hand around her waist to the small of her back, using my body to leverage her. We'd made eye contact and she'd see the fascination and desire there for her. She'd know.

Yet I watch from a distance, and her body sways into each rough stop and start. She flows with the Tube, perfectly capable of riding the rail on her own. When the announcement for South Ealing's approach sounds, I resign myself to waiting another day to crush on her from afar, and I notice she's decided not to exit at the other end.

She shuffles my way, past men in business suits and old ladies carting heavy shopping bags. I lean with the movement as the Tube glides toward the next stop. She's a foot away. Ten inches. Five.

"Excuse me," she murmurs, and brushes past. In that one second we make contact. Her breast kisses mine, and even through two layers of fabric - t-shirt and bra - I spring to life. My nipple tightens and aches, longing for more. I want to reach up and pinch away the pain. It sounds odd, but compounding the ache tends to spike my desires, but I'd rather she cup me with that delicate tipped with bright red fingernails. She wouldn't have to do much to send me to the moon.

She rounds the pole and waits on the door. I look down at the bodice of her dress and spy a small dent. It's affected her as well. That one excited nipple taunts me, dares me to reach across and pull her back to me. I wonder about the shape of the breast and tint of her sensitive skin, and the taste I'd experience on my tongue.

She flashes me a look, impressive while she minds the gap and exits. Her eyes invite me to find out everything I want to know. Her rock goddess heels pause in their clicking.

I decide Northfields can wait.

To win the paperback of SHE LOVES ME: Please comment below with the title of the first ever lesbian-themed book you read. It doesn't have to be a romance or erotica, but a book where a lesbian relationship stood at the forefront. 

For me, it was Rita Mae Brown's Rubyfruit Jungle. What was yours, and why did you read it? Good luck!

For a complete list of participating authors, please click here.


Arleen said...

I can't remember the first lesbian book I've ever read. I haven't read many. I enjoyed your excerpt from " Sugar Rush" . It was well written and kept my interest. I think anything that is well written is interesting to read.

Kelsey Summer said...

I don't read a lot of lesbian books. The first was one of Ana's, the Vengeance of Mrs. Claus.

kesummer69 (at) gmail (dot) com

SH said...

Loved your short story here! The first FF book I read was Desire in any Language by Ana Vitsky, and I have continued to read all of her books. For me, the gender of the couple does not matter. It is the great story/romance that I enjoy reading.

shavro6 @

Ken Charles said...

Can't recall reading an FF themed novel. Nice snippet. AMB

Alyssa Hart said...

I have never read a FF novel.

Olivia Starke said...

It was a Vampire' s Bard by Kate Richards :D

Marybeth said...

The first F/f book I read was "Desire in any Language" by Anastasia Vitsky. I did Ana's Advent Calendar and she intrigued me with the story.

Renee M said...

The first F/f book I have read is Ana's Vengeance of Mrs. Claus. Since then I have read Desire in any Language and Mirs's Miracle. It does not really matter to me what combination of gender is involved just that it is a great story. Thanks. Renee

Anonymous said...

I can not recall reading and F/F fiction. I have read a few snippets but can't recall any actual stories.

Cat said...

Hey Leigh...thanks for the story but dang...did ya have to leave it right there?!? ;)

The first F/F book I read was Ana Vitsky's "Desire in any Language". I usually prefer M/F but when a story is well written with loving characters, I seem to forget I am reading about two women and it just becomes two lovers.

Cat VIP Amb
catsbrighteyes at

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across A Fistful of Rain by Greg Rucka in my teens. It was a thriller with a minor lesbian element but it kind of crystalized some feelings I had. My first real f/f book was probably a Kate Delafield mystery I found on the dusty shelf of my library.

Roz said...

Wonderful tantalising snippet. I love the descriptiveness.

My first FF story, although not a lesbian romance was Ana Vitskey's Editorial Board. I have read and enjoyed a number of snippets from a variety of authors though.


Blondie said...

My first was by Anastasia Vitsky, Desire In Any Language. It was a great introduction to the F/F genre.

thelongbean said...

Whilst I enjoy F?F stories, I have not yet read a whole book that I can remember.

Joelle Casteel said...

oh goodness... trying to remember- the LGBT youth group I went to, one of the older teens got her hand on some fiction and we passed it all between us. Titles I remember, definitely the first were the stories in "On Our Backs"- I so miss that magazine

FF Amb

pao said...

Hmm, my first would have to be one of Ana's books (Desire in any Language). LGBT material just wasn't available around me and I was afraid to have anything related to it with me.

kitty_ranma said... here
I'm a huge Heinlein fan though he was not a f/f author he was a multi partners writer. And at a time when it was taboo. A man totally born before his time. I firmly believe that bisexuality is the true sexuality. We shouldn't be constraining into believing that there can be only one at a time mentality. Oops time to get off the soapbox. threesomes moresomes woot. The more the merrier.

Leigh Ellwood said...

Ana's quite popular. :-) Thanks for the answers, everybody. Hope you take the time to check out some longer works in lesbian romance.

abby said...

I read my first just this past year...Ana's the "Vengeance of Mrs. Clause". I love the premise of this short tease.

Anonymous said...

Great excerpt!! And look forward to reading sugarrush the cupcake on the cover was enough to make it a must read. Sadly I can't remember my first FF book. Look forward to reading more.

Sassytwatter VIP

Sally said...

First read was Melissa Good's Dar and Kerry series.

Penelope said...

Wonderful piece, Leigh - just delicious!

The first lesbian-themed book I read... that would probably be 'The PowerBook' by Jeanette Winterson. I read it because it was on the reading list on my uni course. I thought it was great :)

Jessica Subject said...

LOVE this excerpt, and I'm very much looking forward to reading more. Th first story I ever read with female on female action was Savages by Shirley Conran. I read that in highschool, but not part of any curiculum. After that, it was Trail of Hearts by Kate Richards.


Kathryn R. Blake said...

Lovely excerpt, Leigh. A true fantasy. Not the idea of finding true love or lust on a late afternoon tube ride from Picadilly Circus, but having someone actually find a seat on said train. That is indeed a fantasy. Been there, done that. I've also taken in my breath to let on "just one more." And there have been times when even that didn't work. One more simply wouldn't fit no matter how deeply we all breathed in. I loved the way your character watched from a far only to discover her fantasy might turn into a reality. Great job.

amy bowens said...

My first was Little Black Dress by Scarlet Chastain. I really enjoyed this excerpt now I have to wait impatiently until June to read this! You little teaser! Thanks for sharing!

Tara Finnegan said...

I loved the trip down memory lane, thank you. It was like being back in London, the tube, the crush at times, then the chance at observation when it was less busy. The faces you get to know so well that you can almost imagine you know them and yet never an acknowledgement of this daily shared purpose crosses between you, not even eye contact.

The first book I remember reading that was truly lesbian themed was Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit. I had seen the second half of the film on TV and it prompted me to buy the book.

joannebest said...

I think the first book I read that let me know I wanted to read more with f/f characters was The Hunger by Whitley Strieber, a vampire novel with some steamy scenes that sent me looking for whatever I could get my hands on. I read a few Rita Mae Brown books, but the first f/f spanking type books I read was an Alice Dark book, oh, and also Ana :D
I really loved this story, "I'm shy and I suck" is something I actually said the other day about myself, :D, I adore both characters and got such a sense of them both in this snippet I really want more!
And can't wait to read Sugar Rush, congrats!!!
joanne amb <3

Anonymous said...

It was Mira Miracle I think Ana could make a story about a cat and a elephant walking around NY come to life

Anonymous said...

Mira's Miracle was my first

I forgot to leave my name on my first post opps

bn100 said...

Haven't read that many; can't remember

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Minelle Labraun said...

I loved the subtle tension and anticipation you created out of such an everyday ride.

My first was Ana's Desire In any Language...then all the rest of her books.
Vip Amb

Kathy said...

I was reading lesbian fiction in my twenties, and I used to have stacks of books by my bed table when I was married to my first husband. I used to read a lot of Susie Bright's erotica and for the life of me, can't remember book titles. Maybe since it's almost 2am.

Anastasia Vitsky said...

Leigh, I love this excerpt as much as I loved it the first time you showed it to me. I love how the reader is immersed into the Tube, the tiny details, and taken in by the sweet, self-deprecating details. Haven't we all been too shy to approach someone we find attractive? "I'm shy and I suck"--what a great line. I can't wait to see the rest of this story, especially now that you've told us more of the context.

Thank you so much for being part of Love Spanks.

Michael said...

Leigh, the first lesbian themed material I read wasn't a book but a play. It was Lillian Hellman's gut-wrenching drama "The Children's Hour." As a teen on television I saw the movie version with Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine and that led me to find and read the play in my high school library.

Michael said...

Oops, forgot to mention I am a Love Spanks 2014 ambassador.

Jolynn Raymond said...

This is lovely. So much eroticism and tension with barely a touch. You masterfully created a scene where all were fully clothed and surround by the world, and yet made the sparks and sexual yearnings so vivid.

Leigh Ellwood said...

Thanks, everybody, for the kind words, and for the book and play info. My TBR is getting longer, lol.

Cara said...

My true confession is that the very first lesbian-centric stories I read were fan fiction on the Internet. I'd read some stories with lesbian secondary characters in them before, like some of Mercedes Lackey's books, and some not-very-good SF with sort-of lesbian characters like John Varley's Titan, but it was really fan fiction that helped me figure out what I wanted in real life. One uber fan fiction story that I read close to when I was starting out, that the author later published, is KG Macgregor's Worth Every Step.


The Cover Artisan said...

I love the story, I can relate to the desire that she has. To be honest, I have not read very many lesbian stories so I would have to say that Ana's contribution for this event was the first I have read. Thanks for sharing! amb

Scarlet Chastain said...

Awesome excerpt!

I'm a big fan of F/F romances but don't remember the first one I read. I'm adding your Sugar Rush to my TBR. It'll make a great summer read.

Melissa Grace said...

I really enjoyed your excerpt. And for the life of me, I can not remember the first F/F themed book I ever read. It was more than likely something to do with a "How to" book. LOL!


Louisa Bacio said...

Oooh, I remember this case. Amazing where we get our inspiration. And the bakery later closed after being told they had to do same-sex weddings, right?

Congrats on the sale!

Katie said...

I sure would like to know what happened next, Leigh! I enjoyed the story. Very vivid writing about how it is to ride on crowded public transportation.

The first lesbian themed that I have read was from Ana with "Desire in any Language." I love her books!!! Even though I live M/F, people are people, and I like reading about and rooting for any kind of loving relationship, and their struggles to get there. Thanks Leigh,

Katie T.

Laura said...

Sorry to say that I have never read a F/f book. The good news is that after reading these posts today, I have several that I am going to purchase. I'm so glad I took the time to read these blogs or I would never have known what I was missing. Thanks so much for helping to educate me.

Irishey said...

Good Luck with Sugar Rush, Leigh! How wonderful of you to write Hot on Her Heels just for Love Spanks.

I have been trying to recall the name of the first ever lesbian-themed book I read, but I am bad with names of books and movies. It actually landed in my hands completely by accident. My dad used to go to garage sales and buy used books by the box for a few dollars. Usually, he and my mother would sift through them, then allow me to pick out whatever I wanted to read from what remained in the box. I always read everything that remained in the box. I guess they somehow managed to miss going through a box, because there were a few juicy books in one I know they would not have left for me. I must have been around a Freshman or Sophomore in high school when I came by that accidental education.

Believe it or not, the first f/f short story I read was in a porn magazine one of my classmate stole from home and smuggled into our grade school when I was in 4th or 5th grade. We were too young to understand much of what we read, and I know I didn't really "get it," but we probably really only wanted to look at the pictures, anyway. ;-)

Thanks for contributing to Love Spanks 2014!

Irishey - VIP Amb (FF - considering it)
irisheysisle @ gmail .com

Shadow said...

Great little sneak peak! Congrats on your release! Sounds fantastic! I actually havent read any f/f books. I have read some book with f/f scenes and couples. I cant really think of a favorite tho. Im seeing a lot of books on this hop, im definitely gonna give a try! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Does the Story of "O" count? It was the first erotica I read... in front if a large train station in London.