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Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop

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Happy Thanksgiving, hoppers! This is Leigh Ellwood, author of erotic romance and erotica, and I'm happy you could join me. I'd like to wish everybody celebrating Thanksgiving a safe and happy holiday, and I hope you enjoy the time spent with family and friends. This time of year usually sees me at the laptop or outside helping the little one make an early snowman - it always seems to snow when we visit the in-laws.

This year, however, things will be different. We are hosting this year, and I will be cooking all the sides. I have a turkey on order - I don't think I'm ready to tackle a bird just yet. Maybe next time.

Speaking of doing things differently, since the theme of this blog hop is wicked, today I will share an excerpt from one of my favorite backlist stories: The Dares That Bind. To date, it's my only story with a strong BDSM focus. Here's a taste:

The Dares That Bind

Victoria Robeson is content to live at home and work her dead-end job, despite dealing with her overbearing mother, just as long as she has time to write. When she meets the handsome and mysterious Alton Weiss as Dareville prepares for Brady Garriston's big concert, Vic is unnerved and intrigued by how well he knows her personality and desires.

Alton introduces her to a world of sensuality and submission, encouraging her to become a new woman. But is Alton merely a weekend distraction, or the promise of a better life?


She had never been inside a room at the Dareville Inn. Being a local, there was no reason to check in and stay the night. Yet, Alton’s suite looked pretty much how she expected a typical room in the historic guest house to appear. Cherry-maple furniture filled the living area—a Queen Anne desk, love seat with an embroidered cover, an oval coffee table fanned with regional guidebooks. Antique vases, lamps, and knickknacks, all resting on ivory doilies, contributed to the antebellum feel of the space. The absence of a television enhanced the charm, yet Vic noticed the open laptop, wires sprouting from all ports, on the desk. It looked like Dr. Who had come to call at Tara.

She ventured further into the suite, one cautious step after another, passing doors for the bathroom and bedroom, in which she saw a gigantic four-poster bed with a bright floral coverlet. To think fifteen minutes from now she could be laying there, legs spread while this man pounded into her. The thought frightened, yet thrilled her.

Why did I come here with him? She instantly knew the answer. Her mind insisted research for her writing, and to disprove Alton’s theory of her submissive nature. However, her body shuddered in a silent cry for passion, determined to join forces with her heart and overrule her mind. That she willingly followed Alton to his room marked one strike against rational thought.

The click of the door’s lock sounded throughout the room, drowning out the blood pounding in her ears. Vic felt attuned to everything in the suite, with even Alton’s soft, carpeted footfalls toward her sounding like a basketball thumping against a hardwood floor. Curse this wild imagination.

“You have excellent posture,” he noted, circling her with amused appraisal. Hands clasped behind his back, he tilted his head and stepped slowly, resembling a tourist before an ancient statue. “Good lines and bone structure.”

Don’t ask me if I’ve modeled. Vic considered her five-feet-ten height an inconvenience, non-conducive to her writing aspirations since her long legs often cramped under desks while shuffling for a comfortable sitting position. Her reluctance to face another reprimand prevented her from voicing the smart remark.

“Yes, you carry yourself well.” Alton’s voice lowered and melted into the air between them. Vic felt the words caress her and tease the skin on her exposed arms. How ridiculous and utterly amazing it was that his presence compelled her to assume this rigid stance. I can leave whenever I wish. Nothing stopped her from simply turning to unlock the door and leaving.

She exhaled slowly through her nose. Nothing but curiosity, and her desire to know what Alton planned for her.

To his credit, Alton didn’t mince words. “I think you should see how well you look, too. Stand before that mirror there,” he pointed to the full length mirror in one corner of the living area, “and take off your clothes. Slowly, and watch yourself as you do it.”

Huh? This certainly hadn’t been part of her day’s agenda. The way Alton commanded this of her sounded gentle and non-threatening yet firm, and Vic vacillated between moving to obey and wanting to escape…if only to learn the whether suffering the consequences might promise something more exciting. She looked at the expectant Alton and knew instantly that he could see the war raging inside her. If he were truly a Dominant as portrayed in Kerry’s magazine, he was quite patient. Hopefully that counted as a good quality for a Dom to possess.

She watched his hands, large with thick fingers, now folded before him. What would they feel like, spanking her for her insubordinate behavior? Or perhaps the punishment for her refusal to undress would involve not touching her? God, this kink shit is so hard to figure out.

“Victoria?” he pressed, a touch of insistence in his voice now.

“Yes, sir.” That gave him pause. Vic realized Alton had never instructed her on how to address him. He appeared to be pleased.

Somehow she willed her legs to work and soon she stood before the tall, beveled mirror framed in a cherry maple stand. She stepped out of her shoes, then lifted each heel one at a time and slipped off her socks. Next would come her white t-shirt, the hem of which she now freed from the unbelted waistband of her jeans just before reaching to pull the material over her head.

“Slower, Victoria,” Alton quietly admonished. “Undressing shouldn’t be a chore or routine.” He paced behind her and she paused, watching his movement in the mirror. He stalked her carefully, his gaze taking in her entire form. “Let your movement become fluid, and graceful,” he said. “Experience the eroticism of the moment…show me your sensual nature.”

“My what?” She bit her lip, ashamed to have let the words slip. She really wanted to laugh, for she never considered herself sexy. Slow motion preening was best left to the Victoria’s Secret models, any of whom could pull it off without looking silly.

But she followed Alton’s instructions, studying herself in the mirror. To her advantage, an attractive young woman did stare back. Dark, straight hair just dusted her shoulders, deep brown eyes marked a bold contrast against her light skin. While not voluptuous, she possessed enough curvature in her ample breasts and womanly hips to display the desired hourglass effect. Alton was right, too, she had good posture…at least right now. She did notice, though, standing up straight gave her bosom quite the appealing lift.

What would it look like without the shirt?

Remembering Alton’s words, she let the hem fall and instead reached behind her for the back collar of her t-shirt. Pulling upward, the material blocked her view for only a moment before flying away to reveal her white cotton bra. She frowned. She would be caught wearing a Doris Day garment during a Bettie Page moment. At least it matched the thong she’d soon expose when she shucked the jeans.

Those went next. Each button torn from the fly signaled a spike in her temperature until she felt her skin aflame. Gaze still on the mirror, she bent forward and pushed the denim over her hips, allowing herself a slight smile at the sound of his breathed approval. The cool air washed over her backside, neutralizing her flesh and teasing her pussy. She pressed her thighs together to stifle the moist sensation threatening to overtake her.

“Beautiful,” he murmured. “Turn around and watch yourself unhook your bra.”

She did as told, craning to look over her right shoulder. Her ass was a perfect inverted heart bordered with white lace. Despite her apparent obedience, she wondered whether he could leave a red handprint across her smooth, pale skin, and how long would the mark remain?

The temptation to stall her undressing and perhaps find out for certain nagged at her, but she continued to strip. The back hook unclasped, Vic crossed her hands to her shoulders and simultaneously eased each strap to her elbows, turning back to watch the bra fall away completely. She watched her hands, as though they acted alone, cup and fondle her breasts. She rolled her nipples between her fingers, studying the dusky pink skin of her areole. How different would Alton’s hands feel against her? His lips, his tongue?

“You’re seeing them for the first time, aren’t you?” Alton asked her.

“I know you are,” Vic said, then gasped at the spontaneous comment. When Alton’s warm laughter rumbled through her she relaxed. “This does bring an interesting perspective, however,” she added. “Growing up, I always seemed to look for changes in my body, but I guess it’s like the watched pot, you know?”

“A watched body never blossoms?” Alton smiled.

She slowly shook her head, not necessarily in dissent. At twenty-four, she could see her breasts for the first time, and note the thickness of her nipples and the faint, pinkish tint of a few freckles in the valley. When had this happened?

Alton’s voice snapped her from her reverie. “I think we’ve accomplished enough here,” he said. “Leave the thong, I like the way it looks on you.” He paused. “Before we go any further, we’ll need a safe word. The major point of play is that everything is safe, sane, and consensual. I can guarantee the first two, as for the third…” He leaned forward, drawing out her response.

“We have a consensus,” Vic said.

He smiled. “Now we just need a word.”


Leave a comment below, and I'll choose a winner to receive one book from my backlist. It could be this or anything else I've written. 18 and over please, good luck!


1. Close Encounters with the Night Kind 34. Alexandra Anthony
2. Natasha Blackthorne (US) 35. Madison Sevier
3. Dana Delamar 36. Shauna Aura Knight
4. Morticia Knight 37. Heather Geoffries
5. Draven St. James 38. S.J. Maylee
6. Polly J Adams 39. Siren Allen
7. Liv Honeywell 40. Renea Mason
8. Lusty Penguin Reviews – US 41. Kelly Gendron
9. Starla Cole 42. Lindsay Avalon
10. Shannan Albright 43. Tara Lain
11. Paloma Beck 44. Valerie Twombly
12. Leigh Ellwood 45. Caris Roane Paranormal Romance Author
13. Danita Minnis 46. The Hedonistic Minimalist
14. Share My Destiny 47. H. D. Thomson
15. Kristine Cayne 48. Rose Wynters
16. Eliza Gayle 49. Susan’ Sensual Side
17. Eva Lefoy 50. Vickie Dold
18. Shiloh Saddler 51. My Kindle Fever
19. Malia Mallory 52. MYTHICAL BOOKS (INT)
20. J.E. & M. Keep 53. Rhyll Biest
21. Anya Breton 54. Cassandra Carr (INT)
22. Evie Knight 55. Love Bites and Silk Ties
23. Jami Denise 56. Passion Shields Series
24. Buried Under Romance 57. Lisa Beth Darling
25. Liberty Ann Ireland 58. Fierce Dolan – Words Without Limits
26. Suzi Love (Int) 59. Booked & Loaded
27. 2 Bibliophiles Guide 60. Layna Pimentel
28. Smexy Fab Four 61. Traveling Cats
29. Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews 62. Vanessa Morgan
30. Lorraine Pearl 63. Tabitha Conall
31. Read Between The Lines 64. DC Juris
32. Lily Harlem 65. Dana Littlejohn
33. Lucy Felthouse


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