Monday, November 18, 2013

Five Things You Didn't Know About My Book: Truth or Dare

All over Facebook, people are doing these "little known facts" posts. They're given a number and told to reveal that many secrets. I thought this would work great with my books, so here's five fun facts about Truth or Dare.

1) I wrote this book while I was pregnant. Truth or Dare was my second blessed event to happen in the fall of 2004. When I learned I was pregnant, I got the news that Mundania Press, which was about to publish a book I wrote under another name, planned to launch an erotic romance imprint. I had read a few Ellora's Cave titles and wanted to try the genre, so I wrote the story. To my surprise and elation, it was accepted. I like to think all the hormonal issues I suffered at the time helped me write the sexy.

2) Truth or Dare was one of the first books published by Phaze Books. When Phaze launched in November of 2004 it did so with three titles: Fairy Godlover by Devi Sparks, Three Days in New York City by Robin Slick, and my Truth or Dare. More titles followed the next month, and soon I had my first booksigning at the Pink Banana Boutique in Virginia Beach.

3) Truth or Dare was supposed to be a standalone book. When I sat down to write, I didn't do so with the intent to write a series. I'd write the one book, then move on to something else. As I wrote, however, the supporting character Cal stood out more, and I envisioned a story for him. When I finished the book, my editor asked about a sequel, since series in romance were popular. I relented and went to work on Dare Me.

4) The original cover for Truth or Dare raised a lot of eyebrows. Stacey King designed the first cover according to the questionnaire I gave her. The hero, Brady, is a rock pianist, so I thought the piano was important. The result was a revealing cover with quite a bit of skin. I would bring copies of this book to events and signings, and people would just gape at it, then at me, and walk away blushing. Maybe it was a bit before its time?

5) Once upon a time, you could find Truth or Dare in bookstores. Borders carried my first book nationally for a time, right when stores first started carrying Ellora's Cave and Samhain in romance. We had hoped to establish a relationship with them, but alas the chain of stores didn't hang around long enough. I'm still trying.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed these fun facts. I'll be back soon with another book.

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