Monday, October 28, 2013

Forthcoming Re-Releases: M/M Erotic Romance

If you stalk me, you might have noticed some of my M/M shorts have disappeared from online bookstores. I recently regained the rights to three stories: Jack of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, and The Healing. Each of these stories are M/M vampire romances, and each has special significance for me. Jack of Hearts was the first full M/M story I published (there as M/M in Truth or Dare, but that's not a gay novel), and it was also the first M/M title Phaze Books released. The Healing made the shortlist for Best Short Story at the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards, one of the first distinctions I received for my writing. Naturally, I am fond of these works.

So, why pull them? Authors have different reasons for retrieving works once the contracts expire. They may be dissatisfied with their publishers, or they may wish to freshen up their stories for new audiences. For me, it's the latter. These are some of my earliest works, and I feel they have run the course in their original states. I'll let you in on a secret: I had planned to continue the Jack series and to write a prequel to The Healing. I had an idea for Jack of Clubs and Jack of Spades to round out the story, but the plot bunnies had other ideas for me. Looking at these stories, too, I feel I would like to turn up the heat on all of them and do some heavy revisions.

When I pool all of these stories with GPS, which is a mild fantasy M/M, I find I have enough words for another M/M print anthology. I would like to have one for sale when I do Authors After Dark next year, and perhaps GayRomLit. Right now I'm kicking around titles to go with M-Squared, my first M/M collection.

So that's the current state of Ellwood right now. NaNoWriMo is around the corner, too, and I have that to think about as well. More news as it happens. :)

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