Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bundling and Price Match...Sounds Like a Slogan

Lots of news to report this week. First up, the audio version of Daringly Decadent will come to audio via iTunes, Audible, and Amazon very soon. Hope you enjoy it. If you're into audio, you can get the preceding story, Daringly Delicious, on audio now. I'm excited to have another audio book available - and look forward to getting some more out there.

Available now is a new bundle of three novels. For a limited time, you can get Love's DoMINion, Happily Ever After, and Boone for just 99 cents. Price goes up soon, so don't wait. You can also go to Kindle and buy it. Box sets and bundles appear to be the rage these days, and I certainly don't mind offering different ways to get my stories. The three books here are available separately in eBook, too, and two are in print. If you never bought them individually, they're new to you, so why not get the big book?

Once I decide the fate of another title, I may do an all M/M bundle that will include Bittersweet and GPS. Always something in the fire here.

Lastly, I received an email from KDP that they now offer a program that lets you discount an eBook for readers who buy print. So if you were to buy any of my DLP Books titles in print, you can get the eBook for a discount or for free. Since my DLP Books titles are on the inexpensive side anyway, I've enrolled the titles to go for free in eBook to print buyers. This is something I've wanted to do anyway, give the eBook free to a print buyer. Amazon made it easy for me.

What's more, Coming Together is discounting through the match program, too. So you can get Coming Together: Girl on Girl in print and buy the eBook cheap. I'm not sure about the discount, but all the money goes to charity.

What else, what else? Oh, I'm getting into my next WIP, the followup to Long Awaited Friend. Toying with changing the title to Long Awaited Love. We'll see.

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krispykremekiller said...

I sense a progression in your work when I see posts like this. Consolidate, discount your older works, and get moving on writing new books. Get a person who might not pay full price on an author they've never read to have a reason to buy your books and write a followup or a brand new story to find a reader who would. I've learned a lot about being an author and the book industry from you. It's scary. I may talk to someone else who does this someday and they may not think I'm a complete idiot!