Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Writing Progress for Mid-August

August is typically my crazy month. The little one is still at home, and we're getting ready for another school year. With everybody home while I'm working, it's a challenge to get the space I need to do my job. I manage, though. Once everybody is in bed, I can write.

My goals for the end of summer are to complete the follow-up to Long Awaited Friend, a MMM menage, and Sugar Rush, an F/F novella I'm writing for a submission call. After that, I need to evaluate what to write next, and where to go as far as my writing. Do I continue to write what calls to me, or do I write something specific? Focus is an issue when it comes to writing - I feel like I need a dartboard or crystal ball, or else I can do a pomodoro writing exercise.

What I need are two more arms so I can write two stories at once!

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