Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Answer is 42

I will be 42 on Sunday. I actually don't mind. Yeah, I'll admit I have hoped for things that seem impossible - a clean house, less hoarding of crap, bazillions of book sales. Nonetheless, I feel content right now.

41 was a pretty good year. It will be a challenge to top it:

  • I got an awesomesauce new job.
  • I put out Bittersweet and Coming Together: Girl on Girl and (on the Kat side) The Girl With the Monkee Tattoo.
  • I finished another Kat novel, due out later this year.
  • I put out a cozy mystery bundle that ranked as an Amazon bestseller in mystery anthologies.
  • My little publishing venture had its first ARe overall bestseller with JT's Joint Affair.
  • Had a bunch of audio books come out.
  • I am close to finishing a novella for a special submissions call.
  • I went to the Monkees Convention in New Jersey, RT in Kansas City, Balticon in Baltimore, and MarsCon in Williamsburg. Got to hang out with great people like Robin Slick, Helen Madden, Eliza Gayle, and Cat Johnson, among others. Micky Dolenz greeted me at my booth.
  • I saw Rush live, and Heart live, and took my daughter to both.
  • I went to Disney World, twice! I don't think I got to WDW more than once in a calendar year when I lived in Florida.
  • I went camping in Delaware and visited Rehoboth Beach.
  • I drank a lot of Virginia wine.
Seriously, how could this get better, outside of the TARDIS parking in my backyard and a three AM sex phone call from Alan Rickman? There are many things I still want to do, more places to see, books to write. The followup to Long Awaited Friend is fist-fighting me right now, and I really want that done. There are issues with a specific series I need to resolve eventually, and I'd like to have one more Bliss story done for a bundle that I can print for The Novel Experience Event and possibly AAD, if I'm selected to go. I find I enjoy writing the mystery and suspense, too, and want to make room for that. The little one is growing up too fast for me to accept, but at least the weather is getting cooler that I can tolerate the speed.

What do I want to do for 42? Camp more, use my roller skates, cook soup, drink more wine, and write more books. Most of all, I want to be happy. I want to collect all the frustrations and petty thoughts and release them into large bubbles to float away. I want to buy more geek t-shirts on Redbubble and visit Memphis.

Most of all, I want to let go of fear, and have fun. Let's see if 42 is the answer.

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