Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quiet Contemplation and Writing

Let me say right now that I am useless in a political argument. I have always been a right brain thinker, and as a person of faith I am often at odds when it comes to situations where one should do what's right for himself or for society as a whole. It's been a rough few weeks for the country between the bills in Texas and the trials in Florida. Sometimes you wish you could just wave a magic wand and make everything better. Doesn't happen that way. My heart aches for so many people for different reasons, and I fear if I say something it will come out wrong. Funny how a writer suffers a loss for words. For now, though, I've taken the advice of St. Francis: pray.

I am having a busy summer. I am ohsoclose to turning in the final draft of Coming Together: Girl on Girl to Coming Together for publication. I have a blog tour in the works for that, and I'm excited to share the first F/F anthology from that publisher. Writing-wise, I'm working on an untitled F/F and the sequel to Long Awaited Friend at the same time. I have a solo weekend coming up, so it's time to break out the Red Bull and kale chips and get to work. Also, the story I contributed to Girl on Girl will be lengthened into a novella or short novel. Haven't decided yet.

Recently, I finished the first draft of a book I'll release under my real name. I foresee quite a bit of work on that one, so I'll have more news later. Also, I signed up to appear at The Novel Experience Event in Atlanta next year - that and AAD 2014 are my two big book events for the next year. Already I'm working on goodies to give away.

So my summer is pretty much spoken for. I hope to log some time at the beach on weekends, provided the sidewalk doesn't melt on the walk there. Stay cool, wherever you are, and find peace and love.

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