Monday, July 1, 2013

First Kiss With a Bang Blog Hop

I'm please to be a part of the First Kiss With a Bang Blog Hop! Please have a look around, and comment to win $10 in eBook bucks from B&N, ARe, or Amazon!

The first kiss is always magical, especially if it's with somebody you truly love. The first time I kissed my husband was a brave peck on the lips as we said goodbye after our first date. We were both shy and weren't sure where the night was heading. He took the initiative and it must have worked, because 20 years later I'm still here!

When it comes to romance novels, I feel there should be more kissing. When a couple is occupied with kissing, there's little time to feel upset or angry, and in most stories the kiss can wipe your memory - you forget the argument and the reasons why you argued in the first place. Anticipating the kiss in a story is almost as fun as reading it - you constantly turn pages and wonder when is it going to happen?

Probably one of my favorite romance kisses is between Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind. Yes, it's made more memorable by the movie, but you have to admit a kiss in the middle of a war is a good way to forget your problems...if only for a moment.

What's your favorite kiss moment in a story?


Texas Book Lover said...

There are too many in books to pick just one so I will go with one of my favorite from the movie version of The Notebook (which is the only movie I actually liked better then the book). It is the scene on the dock with Noah and Alley come back in from rowing after they reconnect after all the years have pasted and she asks him why he didn't write her. It's pouring down rain and and just amazing!

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Fehu said...

Between Ty and Zane in Cut &Run,
they had such great chemistry :)

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Urb said...

I liked the first kiss between Alex and Seregil in the Nightrunner books by Lynn Flewelling. Very sweet!