Monday, July 22, 2013

Book Blogger Fair: Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

Welcome, Book Blogger Fair fans! I am pleased to host a few authors this week, and I hope you'll enjoy the interviews and guest blogs. First up is the author Lillian MacKenzie Rhine!

Welcome, Lillian! Please tell us about your new book.

My latest release is my debut novella, Memoirs of a Succubus, released June 2013. Its a book that deals with a few controversial subjects, one being sexual struggles of women vs morality. My main character, Natalya Hart, is a sexually free woman using men to satisfy her needs without a care in the world. After a series of interesting events, she starts to question some of her lifestyle choices.

What inspired this book?

My inspiration for this piece came from my personal past. Each chapter, including the paranormal chapters, were something based on my past trysts with former lovers.

Do you favor a specific genre in your writing?

I do not prefer to write a specific genre. My motto is my pencil creates the story. I have that pantser approach to my writing.

What else can we expect from you soon?

I have a lot going on writing wise for the rest of 2013. The second book for Memoirs of a Succubus will release in December. This piece will include a full fantasy world, so much of the urban part will be taken out. August will bring for the release of my anticipated vampire romance titled Winter's Island. This novel encompasses the quintessential love triangle with a backdrop of the Virgin Islands. I am also doing a co-authored shifter paranormal piece and a youth paranormal romance with a different author.

Where can readers contact you socially?

I do have a Facebook author page.

Do you have a blog?

My blog is

Desert Island Picks time. Choose one set of DVDs to take with you.

If I could bring one TV show series it would be MISFITS based in the UK. That show gives you all the goodness of a great messed up dark comedy all wrapped in hilarious hourly bites. My movie of choice would be FOUR ROOMS, pretty much for the same dark comedy reasons. Dark comedies are the best because it is great to laugh at your own pain.

What was the last book you read?

Last book I read was By Chance by Cat Grant. It was my first m/m read and I loved every moment of it. The love story was very intriguing and the erotic scenes were hot as well as tasteful. I am now a fan.

Thanks for stopping by, Lillian!

About Memoirs of a Succubus

Sex – the carnal desire shared between two or more beings resulting in the most powerful of energy surges exhibited by man, animal and beast. Even promiscuity can be seen as normal in today's world of “hooking up”. Natalya Hart has certainly experienced all the joys that an enormous sexual appetite can provide. Picking up men and making them submit to her has become a sport – an art. However, an unfortunate combination of events take place that cause her to evaluate her present, her past and finally her future. Is she really a young woman having fun living in the hedonistic now, or, is there something else burning in her soul, itching to come out?

Natalya feels alienated – no one to help her make sense of her shifting emotions. Natalya is hopelessly alone – but is she? An unlikely ally, Sinnocent, has been Natalya's guardian for years unbeknownst to her. Alerting her to the looming danger soon to encompass her life, he takes on the role of protector after he foolishly crosses a line, embedding the woman into his soul for an eternity. The two beings are ultimately confronted with the same question with results forever changing the lives of the two and possibly more– does love and trust bring tranquility or does giving up, giving in to temptation by ending it all provide true peace?

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