Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Blogger Fair: Drako Damone

Please welcome Drako Damone as part of the Book Blogger Fair.

1) Thanks for stopping to chat! Please tell us a bit about your latest release, or what's coming up.

My latest release is Heir of Mjolnir, the fourth book in my Dragon Hunter series. This one features a very new and different main character than the first three books.

2) How did you become inspired to write this work?

I’m a large fan of mythology. I’m pretty well versed in both Greek and Norse. I wanted to bring a little of the Norse into my stories and I loved Thor the best of the Norse gods. With him gone, I figured the goddess of magic would take a magical weapon and bestow it as she sees fit.

3) Did you have to do a lot of research to complete this work?

Not really. I was already very knowledgeable in this subject. I’ve been studying mythology since fifth grade.

4) What is a day in your writing life like? Do you have a set schedule?
I don’t have a set schedule because I work during the day. I pretty much write when I get a minute. When it’s slow at work, when I’m at home and not doing school work or cleaning. Whenever its handy.

5) Do you consider yourself a plotter or a pantser? Or maybe both?

Pantser, definitely a pantser. I despise planning. I like to let the plot flow from me naturally.

6) Do you prefer to write one specific genre, or are you a bit all over the map? What is your favorite genre to write and why?

I blend my genres. I’m mainly a paranormal/fantasy author. I bring in some LGBT situations but I don’t want my work classified solely as that genre because my characters can be gay, straight, or bi. I’ve yet to write a transgender character in this series. I wouldn’t be opposed to it, if they popped into my mind that way.

7) Of your backlist/WIPs, which would you say was the easiest to write? The most challenging? Why?

The Dragon Witch, book 2, was the easiest. It’s the largest book, but it just flew out. I loved the heroine, Victoria, because she was a woman and so self confident, powerful, and a smart ass. She doesn’t know when to back down or shut up, and I love that about her. Plus, she can kick ass. That’s why she’ll continue popping up in the series.

8) Are you published primarily in print or eBook, or both equally? Which format do you prefer and why?

Both equally. I don’t have a preference. I publish in both methods to get to all readers.

9) Do you own an e-reader, or maybe two? How do you like it?

I own a kindle and I just gave my nook to my best friend. I like the e-readers. It’s much easier to carry around and get my reading done.

10) What do you have planned writing wise for the rest of the year?

I’m working on book 5, The Three Fates. This book has become much larger than I thought it would be. I think it will be my longest yet. It has a lot of extra conflict that I didn’t see coming but I think fans will enjoy. I have another book outside of this series currently entitled Journeys, which is strictly LGBT fiction. I’m working on a joint project that hasn’t been named yet.

11) Do you have any social media profiles/pages where readers can follow you?



Twitter: @drakosden

12) Do you have a blog/Yahoo group for readers to stay updated on your works?

13) Desert Island quiz: you can only bring one album, one DVD set for your favorite TV show, and one movie. What are they?

Brandy’s Two Eleven album, Xena dvd set, and V for Vendetta.

14) What was the last book that you read? What did you think?

Cloak and Silence by Sherilyn Kenyon. Amazing book. A bit short, but she did her two male characters justice.

15) Who are your favorite authors in your primary genre?

Anne Rice Sherilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, and JR Ward

16) Do you have a favorite charity? How does it appeal to you?

Not really

17) What is the farthest you've traveled for a concert and who did you see?

Only ever traveled in the same city, for Brandy most recently. Also Deborah Cox and Nelly.

18) Will we see you at any cons/signings soon?

Not sure. I’m looking into it

19) Most f***able movie star of the 1930s-50s? Why?

Not my favorite era of movies, so no clue

20) Who do you like in the next World Series?

Cardinals maybe? I dunno, not really a sports guy.

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