Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Story News and a Cover/Title Makeover

I've read up on author success stories, those who self-pub and those who work with houses, and have learned quite a bit. In this business, though, learning never really ends. They say you have to be more than an author if you want to self-pub - you need to market, but you also have to be a tinkerer. Some authors have talked about switching out covers, even changing titles, to test the waters and see if their stories reach a broader audience. After listening to Mark Coker of Smashwords and Bob Mayer at RT this year, I realized I should set aside some time to tinker.

One summer project I have lined up for myself is Cover Rehaul Time. Some book have been around for decades, and they don't keep the same cover. I've seen several faces on The Hobbit and Gone With the Wind for two, and eventually if a book is around long enough it gets the "vintage" treatment with a special edition bearing the original design. I don't know if I should expect that one day, but I want my babies to look nice when they go out. So cover reconsideration is one task - and I've started with a nice makeover of a Dareville short.

Handle With Dare is, natch, part of the series, a short story featuring Marlene Robeson from Daring Young Man and The Dares That Bind. If you've read DYM and TDTB, you know Marlene was sort of the antagonist in both of those stories. Really, though, I don't think she's a bad person, perhaps lonely and not quite hip to the changing world around her. I wrote Handle for her, because she deserved some fun, too. While the story is not novel-length, I'm somewhat proud of it as it's the first erotic work of mine featuring an over-40 heroine. I wasn't 40 when I wrote it, but now that I've passed that mark I may delve back into cougar territory again.

Anyway, Handle wasn't the biggest mover of the Dareville stories, and I realize many factors are involved. Is it this, is it that? Recently, I tinkered. I've wanted a new cover for the story for a while, so I took care of that. I'm experimenting with a title change, something more appropriate to the story. Originally, Handle was to be called Daring With Age. Yeah, some titles just don't work. I thought up Handle With Dare since the story is about a woman's somewhat fragile nature as she takes a chance. It has the Dareville reference and the handle with care play on words - I think ultimately, though, it didn't quite mesh.

Long story short, if you did buy Handle With Dare, you don't need to buy The Lady Dares. It's a new design for a hot quickie, and you like hot sexy stories give it a try. Click the link to go to ARe to get it today.

Mind you, I do have new stuff coming soon. The Coming Together: Girl on Girl anth is due this summer, and I'm working on more stories - longer ones, just need to get the words down and polished. Stay tuned for news.

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