Friday, May 3, 2013

Rush Fans to the World: Now What?

In a few weeks we're off to see Rush in concert; I think this will be my seventh show and first of the Clockwork Angels tour. I was supposed to go last summer, but suffered a gallbladder attack the night before the concert. I had a choice: get the operation or probably die in the fifth row during "Subdivisions." Some people will move Heaven and Earth to see their favorite band, but since I hope to see them in the future I went under the knife.

Anyway, we Rush fans are having a good year so far. Geddy threw out the opening ball in Toronto at the start of baseball season, there's a new leg of the tour, and they were finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hopefully this summer my alter ego will be inspired enough to start on the third book of the Lerxst Johnston mysteries (the first of which is at Amazon for 99 cents), which would make it extra special for me. Now, if you know a hard core Rush fan you know they've been eligible for the Hall for 15 years, but weren't nominated until recently. We all know the story, but for the benefit of those who don't: it's pretty much an open secret that decision makers attached to the HoF aren't Rush fans, or into prog rock. So you won't find support there. Now, when you start inducting people who ARE Rush fans, who do get a vote in subsequent inductions, you'll find that times change.

This was also the first time, too, that fans got to vote on inductees. The finalist receiving the most fan votes got one point toward the HoF voting. Guess who won? Yep, you induct artists like Alice Cooper and Metallica, who know and respect the band, and you'll have to concede to the votes.

So, Rush are Hall of Famers, yay! Now the fans say, "Now what?" We've become used to complaining for over a decade...we need something new for a bitchfest. For me, I suppose I can complain about other artists who aren't yet in the HoF. Maybe this year we'll get to see Yes, Kiss, and few other deserving act get the thumbs up. Still waiting for Brian Epstein to be inducted as a non-performer, too.

Who do you think is long overdue for the HoF? I plan to cover a bit in the third Lerxst book.

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