Monday, April 29, 2013

What's New, What Will Be

Today I am packing for another RT Bookclub Convention, where I will sign at the Thursday eBook Expo. I'm not sure which con this is for me - it may be the fifth or sixth, but I do know it's the first time I'll be in Kansas City, so that's exciting. I'm hoping this year I'll find the inspiration to write more and work toward a good book deal. I'm also looking for a good place to eat, and have been looking at the Man Vs. Food site for ideas. :-)

Yes, I have invested in self-publishing, and am somewhat pleased with the results. I like to think of myself as a hybrid author, though, one adaptable to any situation. This summer I hope to evaluate how and what I write, and what I will do with finished works. Perhaps I'll take shorter stories on the self-publishing route, and pitch longer works to publishers - that is, unless I choose to work on something for a specific call. I've looked at series like the Decadent 1NS stories and have wanted to contribute something for some time. Also, the Ellora's Cave Exotika line has appealed to me, too. Both lines do take shorter works, so maybe this summer I can come up with something to send.

In the meantime, I'm making a decision soon on the Coming Together: Girl on Girl anthology I'm editing. I have to say, I don't think I've had as successful a submissions call as this one. I received so many wonderful stories, and it makes me happy to know how many authors are willing to contribute their talents to a great cause. It will hurt to let some of these works go, but I will have a lineup to reveal shortly.

Of course, I plan to give away my big-a$$ RT book bag when I come home from Kansas City. Every time I go to RT I return with a truckload of freebies and books, and it's fun to hold a contest and award one lucky reader. Will it be you this year?

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