Thursday, March 14, 2013

New from DLP Books: Joint Affair by JT Whitehall

I had the pleasure of previewing Joint Affair before it went live. I love when my friend JT has a new story to tell, and I'm hoping he does more with these characters. He hinted if it sold well, he'd write a sequel. So go out and buy it!

Meanwhile I'll be beta-reading a story of his that he wants to submit to an eBook publisher. Crossing my fingers for him.

Joint Affair by JT Whitehall

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Duff Randall wouldn't dream of breaking the law, but when conventional medicine fails to improve his father's health, Duff risks arrest by trying to score some weed. He never expected to find his would-be dealer so attractive.

As an undercover vice cop, Jim "Hick" Hickam can tell the junkies from the desperate. He doesn't know why Duff showed up on his corner, but he's definitely interested to learn more...and to get to know Duff better.

Sometimes we take chances to help those we love. Duff and Hick put their jobs and reputations on the line...will it pay off or will somebody get hurt?

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