Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Readers Love

I thought this was cool. All Romance eBooks recently put out this infographic charting their top selling genres for 2012. I had known for a while that M/M was a big seller there, and clearly it's official. I can only guess that the interest in 50 Shades stuff spiked the BDSM sales, but I find it interesting that menage is on the rise. I'm seeing more menage books coming out, and even had a reader ask me about menage in the future.

I'm looking at this list and find I probably have at least one book in every top category. Historical romance is the only one where I don't, unless you count Silver Wings, which I edited, and perhaps Boone. I was never really sure where to put that story - it definitely isn't contemporary.

As for whether or not I'll use this as a guide in the future, I can't say. 2013's chart could vastly differ, especially with the rise in New Adult and other stories. My goal for 2013 is to tie up loose ends and write sequels I have promised. Bittersweet is being polished now, and I have to look at my catalog to see what's next. Going to be busy.

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