Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Frugal Writer Needs Coffee and Chocolate

This week I believe I have cooked more at home than I have in the last ten years. New work schedules have allowed me to make more use of the kitchen, and it's fun to see how much a dinner costs at home as opposed to eating out. We do like the convenience of going out, but our bank account doesn't. Tonight I'm trying a recipe I found on Pinterest - quinoa and broccoli casserole. I had to do some shopping first, and luckily today was double $1 coupon day at Farm Fresh.

Overall I saved 44% on the bill. One day I'm going to crest 50% but I did score some decent deals:

  • Campbell's Skillet Sauce - originally $2.99, $.99 after coupons
  • Two jars of Newman's Own Spaghetti Sauce - on sale for 2/$5, 2 for $3 after coupons, so $1.50 a jar
  • Tyson mini chicken sandwiches - originally $5.99, $3.99 after coupons
  • Two bags of shredded Kraft cheese - on sale for $1.99 each ($3.98), $2.80 after coupons, so $1.40 each
  • Bailey's Irish Creamer for coffee - on sale for $1.50, $.50 after coupons
On the way home I stopped at CVS to use a Milky Way buy 2/get 1 that was about to expire. Bars were on sale for 2/$2, so I saved on that as well. I'm sure I could have gotten them cheaper elsewhere, but few stores carry the dark chocolate flavor, which I prefer. Even here, I got the last three bars.

So I have creamer for my coffee and chocolate for my writing. Time to get productive!

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