Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The (Ailing) Frugal Writer

Usually when I go to a con, I bring home something commonly known as "con crud." When you spend 2-3 days in close quarters with people from around the region, particularly in an area suffering a cold snap, you tend to get sick afterward unless you have taken precautions. This year, I went to MarsCon pre-sick, and it's a miracle I made it through the late-night panels. I almost begged off this year, but as I had committed I didn't want to let anybody down. So I popped cough drops like they were Jolly Ranchers, stayed hydrated, and tried not to shake hands. If I absolutely didn't have to be in a con room, I stayed to myself in order to keep everybody germ free.

Today, I'm still shaking off the remnants of my cold, but I was well enough to hit a small BOGO sale at Harris Teeter for much needed provisions. Some are actually relevant to this post.

  • Halls coughs drops were BOGO at $2.19, putting these at $1.09 each. Add a $1.00 off coupon, and I basically got two bags for $.55 each.
  • Frank's Hot Sauce was 3 for $5.00, so about $1.67 each. I had two different $.75 coupons, which doubled. So, two bottles at sixteen cents each! I got regular buffalo and sweet chili, which will make great marinades.
  • Planter's peanut butter was two for $5, so $2.50 each. I had a $1 off coupon, so got a jar of creamy for $1.50. Not bad, and we can never have enough PB.
  • 9 oz. bottles of Ken's salad dressing were a buck each, and I had a $1 off 2 coupon. Basically got a free bottle, or fifty cents per.
Good thing about catching things like PB and sauces cheap is that they will keep. I have a lot of marinating in my future, it appears.

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