Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book News: F/F Sensual Adventure Coming

I may have mentioned I recently received the rights back to a story called Under Covers. That story has an unusual history. It had been published originally with Venus Press as part of their zodiac line, though the actual zodiac never really figured into the story. When Venus went belly up, I moved it to Phaze Books after a revision and lengthening and it would become a finalist in the CAPA Awards, specifically for the Psyche Award. Despite the acclaim, something about the story nagged at me. It might have been because Under Covers was like nothing I had written before in terms of genre and point of view, and sensuality.

Fast forward a few years, and the contract expired, so I decided to give the story a makeover. While the main story is somewhat intact, I've given characters and dialogue a thorough makeover. I've added scenes and lengthened the word count. I believe I have improved upon the story and that it reads well, and I hope you enjoy it. If you never had the chance to pick up Under Covers, this story is new to you! Look for a blog announcement on the release date.

In other book news, I hope to have Bittersweet polished and ready to go somewhere. I know some readers have waited for that story, and I want to do right by it and those who wish to read it. Look for news soon.

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