Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat - and a Treat for You

Yes, I have sucked at blogging lately, but I do have a good excuse. About two weeks ago, on the day I was to have left for the Newark Rush concert, I came down with severe abdominal pains. I had thought nothing of it at first, because I had suffered a few gallbladder attacks over the summer. I just figured I needed to alter my diet and I'd be okay. So I started eating better and the pain went away. Cool. Then one weekend I had a sandwich and the pain flared up again, and didn't stop all week. By that Friday, the 19th, I was doubled over in pain as I drove to the ER. I love Rush, but I'm not about to die for them.

Long story short, I checked in around 11 and left the next morning. Gallbladder had to come out. Surgeon said it was the worst one she'd ever seen. Glad nobody's ever said that about one of my books - to my face, anyway. So for the last ten days or so I've been in a fog. I'm tempted to be Dr. House for Halloween because I have the necessary props - the Vicodin, the scowl - but I think I'll just take the kid out for trick and treat and go to bed early.

Now, this period hasn't been all bad. I did manage to finish a novella which I plan to submit soon, and I'm 7k into the sequel to Taste This, finally! I look forward to working on that and another piece while I do other things. For Halloween, I'm giving away M-SQUARED via AllRomance for free until Friday only! Go get it while you can, it goes back to regular price Saturday. I heard from the narrator doing the audio book, it's coming along. Can't wait to share it.

For now, it's back to the grind. I hope to have good news soon.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Backlist Blog Hop

Happy Friday everybody! If you have come here via the Back List Blog Hop I welcome you. This particular hop was designed to introduce new readers to authors' back lists. I have a fairly decent one - about 30+ stories and longer works. Many are part of series, like the one picture here. Truth or Dare was my first erotic romance, and I have been writing the genre for eight years now.

Why should you read my books? I like to believe I have a knack for creating likable characters (a few lickable ones, too) and smart dialogue. I try to inject a sense of place in the stories I write, and engage couples (triples, etc.) in some spicy entanglements. Of course, I'd like to do this full time one day, and sales do help. :-)

You will find most of my works in eBook, via Kindle, Nook, and All Romance. I was published in eBook before it was cool, and I hope to offer more to readers soon. In the meantime, look for me on Twitter @LeighEllwood. Make sure I get back to work.

Don't forget to visit the other authors in today's hop!


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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Now in Audio - Murder Most Trivial

I apologize for having dropped off the face of the blog. I have not been well lately. I'll spare you my recent adventures in the emergency room, but will say that I am doing better and am making a conscious effort to stay well. In the meantime, I've been busy. I just completed a book on the Kathryn side which will be coming out soon. I'm releasing a short as Kathryn to help promote it. In the middle, which I call LK Ellwood, I have a new audio book.

Murder Most Trivial is one of my early mysteries. It is the longest book I have in audio right now, and one I had hoped to turn into a series. I say that about every book I write, though. This one, though - I enjoyed the characters and wanted to do more with them. I just may in a reboot. Why not? Everything is being rebooted these days. No reason why I can't do it.

If you join Audible, you can get the audiobook at a good price. I'm still waiting for the final of She Loves Me, and I have more audio coming. It's fun to hear others read your works.

As for writing, I expect to be finished with Pure Bliss soon and will see if I can place that somewhere. I also will receive the rights back to Under Covers, and I am going to totally revamp and lengthen it. I have so many ideas. I also have to finish Bittersweet, the sequel to Taste This, and the next Dareville book. I find I do better when I get down to writing and not worrying about the world around me. Focus, coffee, dreams. And chocolate. They help.