Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cover Reveal: Dare to Act

My lovely editor - a Lambda award-winner - sent me the cover for the upcoming Dare to Act, my first M/M novel. My jaw literally dropped when I opened the e-mail, and I'm hoping you like it as well.

Dare to Act, while part of the Dareville universe, is a standalone work. I have to admit, too, I am especially proud of this work, and look forward to hearing what readers think. If you have some money to burn the first week of August, I hope you'll add Dare to Act to your eBook reader.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So Now There Are No More Excuses

I have this friend, Denise Jeffries, who is a romance author. I envy her, because when it comes to working a book fair or con she has skills. She could sell 50 Shades of Sugar to Dana Carvey's Church Lady, she's that good. Fun fact: Denise once sold nine of her books at a funeral, but one of my favorite stories is one she tells about getting a reluctant reader to give in.

Reader: Well, I prefer mysteries.

Denise (holds up her book): Here you go! This is a romantic suspense. Lots of mystery.

Reader: ...and I don't see well.

Denise: Here you go! Take a look at this print, easy on the eyes.

Reader: ...and I prefer reading "Christian" work.

Denise: Here you go! (Opens the first page, and there's a quote from the Bible.)

The Foundation for a Better Life people should put Denise on a poster.

So while I aspire to be more like Denise, I can at least practice my patter. For example, I learned today that Barnes and Noble has launched their Nook for Web reader - which means you can buy Nook books without the benefit of a digital reader. You can read eBooks from B&N on your browser now!

If you're the reluctant reader who visits my website and says, "Well, these look nice, but they're not all in print. I don't have a Kindle/Nook/Kobo/Whatever..."

Here you go! You can open up eBooks (including mine) on these web browser apps:
"Well...I prefer not to buy from Amazon or B&N because I believe in supporting independent businesses..."

Here you go! All my titles are available through All Romance, the largest independent eBook store!

"Well...I like to try before I buy..."

Here you go! Go back to the ARe link, where I have several free shorts available.

"Well...I'm not really into erotic romance..."

Here you go! I also write romantic mysteries as LK Ellwood and other works under my other name.

"Well...I prefer audio books because I listen to them in the car/on the iPod..."

Here you go! I have three titles through Audible and more on the way.



Sorry. Just a bit emotional there. :-)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Now in Audiobook: Sheer Bliss

I am happy to announce that the audio version of Sheer Bliss, narrated by Charity McGowan, is now available from DLP Books! Sheer Bliss is available from Audible, and will be up on and iTunes soon.

From award-winning author Leigh Ellwood comes a wild and sexy tale about werewolves, were-panthers, and the women who love them.

Living in Bliss, New Jersey has it perks, unless you're a shifter looking for love or a human looking for peace and quiet. Not only does Calla Savitch, owner of Shear Bliss salon, have to deal with warring panthers and werewolves with overlapping appointments, she's fed up with their constant matchmaking attempts. The last thing she wants, especially, is a hook-up with the one shifter who broke her heart years ago.

Handsome were-panther Caleb Houlihan still nurses the guilt of Calla's heartbreak, but when presented with a second chance to woo her he is reluctant. Calla may forgive his youthful indiscretions, but when she discovers his aunt's true motive for wanting them together, will she send him packing?

On this stretch of the Jersey Shore, it's a different "situation"!


I'm very excited for DLP Books's first audio title. Charity will also perform She Loves Me, which should go into production soon. In the meantime, I am still working on Pure Bliss, the second Bliss story, and planning a third. Enjoy!