Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolving to Make 2013 Suck Less

In all fairness, I can't say 2012 entirely sucked. As far as years ago in my life, this was actually one of the better ones. Well, the first half was awesome:

1) I finally visited Europe - a few days in Germany and a few in London. One week isn't nearly enough to see everything, though.

2) I had two books published. Dare to Act came out through Ravenous Romance and "Kat" published Rock Til You Drop. I also released Pure Bliss in 2012, and wrote Bittersweet and The Girl With the Monkee Tattoo, both of which will be out in 2013.

3) I saw the Monkees in concert, about 25 years after the last time I saw them in concert.

4) I got a new job, one closer to publishing and writing that suits me.

5) I lost weight.

Of course, the drawbacks seemed to overshadow some of this:

1) Emergency gallbladder surgery. Blech! I tried my best to eat better and save it, but it didn't help. I do feel better, but I'm still learning about which foods give me trouble.

2) Having that surgery caused me to miss seeing Rush in concert. I can only hope for a spring 2013 leg in the US.

3) General meh. I become depressed easily - perhaps it's genetic. That's a story for another day.

I've done a resolution post here already, but I wish to clarify it. Many people I know are relieved to see 2012 end, and I don't blame them. In the grand scope of things, it was a bummer year. We lost some really cool famous people, and had to suffer mass shootings and all sorts of crap. The way to heal begins with small steps, however. Make an effort to be kind, and hopefully it will catch on.

As for me, in 2013 I resolve:

1) To get off my ass more and go outside. I'll take time to walk or skate during the day and eat light.

2) To not pay full price for groceries if I can help it. This year I'll conquer couponing.

3) To write and not worry about why I don't have an agent or NYC contract. Worrying isn't productive. The only way I'll get either or both is to write.

4) Save up for a return to Europe. Baby steps. If you want to help, you could buy a book. ;-)

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