Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm Tired

So the other day I entered the names of two people who had been on my Facebook feed, because I hadn't heard from them lately. Turns out I had been de-friended - apparently on their ends, since I haven't let anybody go in a long time. Sometimes I'll hear about how people will flip out if they've been de-friended or unfollowed, as though it's akin to shunning or disfellowship. Oddly, though, I'm not insulted, or hurt. I feel this apathy is somewhat connected to my recent social media burnout.

If you know me in my real life, you know I have worked in social media marketing for the past seven years. Before that, I worked in SEO (back before Google launched). Come next month, I will transition to a new job related to publishing. I will write and promote authors and publishers, and hopefully bring readers to the books they want to read. There will be SEO and SMO to handle, yes, but my work will be concentrated on a few sites as opposed to 30 different clients. I will finally have more focus in my work, and hopefully bring my expertise to this business and increase it.

As for social media on the personal side, the subject of the post says it all. I still use Twitter frequently as Leigh, as I find it's the best fit for me. I've been advised to do more with Facebook since it appears that readers do utilize it for book recommendations, but I find it's a struggle to talk about myself. The last thing I want is to constantly hustle people into buying books. I get turned off by authors who tweet promo every hour, so why would I do the same thing? I do admit, it's a challenge to be "on" all the time, but I do like talking with people on Twitter. Perhaps I should concentrate more on communication rather than talking at people.

Well, I suppose I'll figure it out soon enough. In the meantime, I'm trying to build strength for the new job, more writing, and the Coming Together book I'm editing. Look up for the cover and visit for the guidelines. I'd love to see submissions over the holiday!

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