Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaNo Recap and Other Things

Going into Day Ten of NaNoWriMo, I am almost on track to 50K. I have well over 16K words written, and I still have to make my quota for today. As with last year, I did not officially sign up at the man site. I find when I do that I don't finish. This way, there's less pressure on me and the words come easier. Last year I made goal, so I'm hoping for a repeat.

Also like last year, I'm using the time to work on more than one project. I have two main stories - both of which I had started earlier - and a few smaller works. Here's a rundown of what's in the hopper:

Bittersweet - M/M followup to Taste This, my Samhain work. When I wrote Taste This I had intended to write a follow-up, but a funny thing happened on the way to the laptop. I was still just a writer when Taste This came out. Afterward, I ended up assuming publishing and editing duties at Phaze Books, and that took up the bulk of my free time. Aside from a few projects I managed to publish in that time (mostly shorts), I never got to that sequel. Now that I am a writer again, I finally got the story working. I'm close to 20K on it and hope to stretch at least to 35K, the length of the first story.

Three to Dare - MMF Dareville story. I have several Dareville books plotted out, and since I don't have a full menage story done yet I figured it was time. I'm hoping to get this one to 50K when it's over.

Untitled Lesbian Short - A plot bunny that hopped into my head. I'm only a thousand words into it, but it probably won't go longer than 7K. If I can write enough of these I'll have a nice followup to my She Loves Me collection.

Which reminds me, did you know I'm editing a lesbian erotica anthology for Coming Together? The call was published yesterday, and the deadline is April. Alessia Brio of CT was very kind to greenlight the project when I pitched it to her. Now, you may be thinking why I would want to do something like this when I already have a full plate in front of me. There are a number of reasons.

1) Coming Together does amazing work. Everybody involved has given their talents to help charities. Every bit of profit goes to the causes - nobody else makes money off of it.

2) I wanted to help the organization I chose as the book's beneficiary. I'm on the mailing list of the National Center of Lesbian Rights. They are called that, but they help all LGBT people and families in need of defense of their civil rights. It's heartbreaking to read some of the stories they share, particularly about people who are unable to see their life partners in the hospital because they are not legally recognized as married. I could rant on for a while, but visit their site to see what they're doing.

3) I wanted to do more with lesbian romance. I haven't written one in a while, and I'm getting back into that groove. The ones I have written still sell decently, so that's telling me to write more.

So, away I go to write!

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