Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Now in Audio - Murder Most Trivial

I apologize for having dropped off the face of the blog. I have not been well lately. I'll spare you my recent adventures in the emergency room, but will say that I am doing better and am making a conscious effort to stay well. In the meantime, I've been busy. I just completed a book on the Kathryn side which will be coming out soon. I'm releasing a short as Kathryn to help promote it. In the middle, which I call LK Ellwood, I have a new audio book.

Murder Most Trivial is one of my early mysteries. It is the longest book I have in audio right now, and one I had hoped to turn into a series. I say that about every book I write, though. This one, though - I enjoyed the characters and wanted to do more with them. I just may in a reboot. Why not? Everything is being rebooted these days. No reason why I can't do it.

If you join Audible, you can get the audiobook at a good price. I'm still waiting for the final of She Loves Me, and I have more audio coming. It's fun to hear others read your works.

As for writing, I expect to be finished with Pure Bliss soon and will see if I can place that somewhere. I also will receive the rights back to Under Covers, and I am going to totally revamp and lengthen it. I have so many ideas. I also have to finish Bittersweet, the sequel to Taste This, and the next Dareville book. I find I do better when I get down to writing and not worrying about the world around me. Focus, coffee, dreams. And chocolate. They help.

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