Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coupon Score - Hot Stuff

Had a great score last Sunday with the new coupons in from the newspaper. With Harris Teeter still on their Mega-Double special, I was able to get the following:

1 small bottle of Tabasco - originally $1.85, had a $1 off coupon which doubled, so I got the bottle free.

2 boxes of Who Nu? cookies (like Oreos, but purportedly fortified with fiber) - originally $3.85 a box, but there was a 2/$4 sale. Has a $1 off coupon which doubled, so I got 2 boxes for $2, or $1 box.

I've decided if I'm able to score a deal with boxed or canned goods, I'm going to put half the bounty in a bag to give to my church's food drive. I have one bag filled to send over next Sunday. They like pastas and sauces, soups and cereals, which can be cheap if you know when to shop. We'll see how I fare next week.

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