Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Blog Hop - Your Chance to Win Books

Happy Labor Day to all my US friends! Here's hoping you got a day off to celebrate - I have Monday to relax before school starts the next day, which gives me time to chat on the blog if anybody is around!

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If you've come here from the blog hop, welcome! I'm happy to announce I do have some recent works that may interest you:
  • Why, Why, Zed?, M/M erotic romance, is now available in audio.
  • Dare to Act, an M/M romance, is available via Kindle.
If you're looking for more to read, check out my entire backlist

If you leave a comment below with your favorite Labor Day activity, I'll put you in a drawing to win a $10 gift credit to All Romance! Good luck!


Juliana said...

For Labor Day my family just gets together by the pool and my dad is on the grill. After all these years she still complains about him over cooking the steaks!
Thanks for participating!
OceanAkers @

Michelle said...

Labor Day is all about the veterans passed and present in our family...An the BBQ of course!

chellebee66 at

wulf said...

My favorite Labor Day activity is when my husband barbeques :)


Sarah said...

We don't get Labour day her in the UK but we did have a nice long weekend last weekend hope you all enjoys :-D

Sarah S


elaing8 said...

I like to sit out on the patio have a few drinks.And just relax.Having a BBQ with family.

Yazmin said...

My favorite activity for any long weekend has got to be reading! Like most of us bookworms. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Blogger may have eaten my post--apologies if this is a double post. Anyway, I love Labor Day barbecues...


laurie said...

my favorite activity for the labor day long weekend is going to my favorite park and spending the afternoon there

Kelsey Summer said...

My favorite labor day activity is to go for a long walk (preferably by the ocean) with my family.

kesummer69 at gmail dot com

Michele said...

My favorite activity is being with my family...This is my son's first semester at college and he came home for the weekend :)

Kim D said...

love getting togther with family and having great food!
Thanks for the GREAT hop!!

Donna said...

Thanks for the contest! I love reading!! I love finding new books and authors!!

bn100 said...

I like BBQs. Thanks for participating.


mary ann(RunOnce828) said...

Well me and my family just stay in the house together and watch movies. Then I meet up with some friends:))

maryanngacayan at yahoo dot com

Pat Cochran said...

Love reading and love blog hops! I love
reading historicals, but any book will
be good for me! Thanks for the chance
to win!

Pat Cochran