Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adventures in Couponing - Harris Teeter Super Double Coupon Week

I've talked about couponing before - I try to use as many as possible when shopping these days, and sometimes that means sacrificing some brand loyalty to save a buck. Though I continue to work and write (and market...did you know I have a new M/M Dareville book out now?) we still need to watch our budget. When a good sale comes up, it's nice to have food in stock. I've taken to brown-bagging lunches, which has helped. I just have to convince hubby to do the same.

Anyway, today began a special super double coupon week at Harris Teeter. Normally HT doubles coupons up to 99 cents, but today they went up to $1.98. After work, little one and I went out with a stack to use, and I learned two things:

1) You have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to get what you want. For much of the trip, I found gaping holes instead of the product I wanted.

2) Extreme couponers travel in packs. We got to the cereal aisle and watched this crew of moms ravage the Kellogg's shelf. Long story short, we didn't get any Krave on this trip.

I did, however, manage to get some things cheap, and I cut a little over 50% off my overall bill. Among the bigger savings:

  • Two boxes of Quaker Chewy granola bars - VIC card special 2/$4 with $1 double coupon = $1 per box.
  • Baileys brand vanilla coffee creamer - $2.39 with $1 double coupon = $.39 for the bottle.
  • Two boxes of Shredded Wheat cereal - BOGO free @ $4.39 with $1 double coupon = $1.20 per box.
  • Two jars of Nutella - 2 for $6 plus $1 double coupon = $2 per jar.
  • Two SPAM singles - $2.58 plus $1 double coupon = $.29 each.
  • Two boxes of EGGO waffles - $4 plus $1 double coupon = $1 per box.
  • One bottle of Sambazon Acai juice - $2.99 plus $1.50 double coupon = FREE!
It's a start, for me. I know some women are savvy enough to save even more. I just don't have the room right now to stuff groceries.

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