Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So Now There Are No More Excuses

I have this friend, Denise Jeffries, who is a romance author. I envy her, because when it comes to working a book fair or con she has skills. She could sell 50 Shades of Sugar to Dana Carvey's Church Lady, she's that good. Fun fact: Denise once sold nine of her books at a funeral, but one of my favorite stories is one she tells about getting a reluctant reader to give in.

Reader: Well, I prefer mysteries.

Denise (holds up her book): Here you go! This is a romantic suspense. Lots of mystery.

Reader: ...and I don't see well.

Denise: Here you go! Take a look at this print, easy on the eyes.

Reader: ...and I prefer reading "Christian" work.

Denise: Here you go! (Opens the first page, and there's a quote from the Bible.)

The Foundation for a Better Life people should put Denise on a poster.

So while I aspire to be more like Denise, I can at least practice my patter. For example, I learned today that Barnes and Noble has launched their Nook for Web reader - which means you can buy Nook books without the benefit of a digital reader. You can read eBooks from B&N on your browser now!

If you're the reluctant reader who visits my website and says, "Well, these look nice, but they're not all in print. I don't have a Kindle/Nook/Kobo/Whatever..."

Here you go! You can open up eBooks (including mine) on these web browser apps:
"Well...I prefer not to buy from Amazon or B&N because I believe in supporting independent businesses..."

Here you go! All my titles are available through All Romance, the largest independent eBook store!

"Well...I like to try before I buy..."

Here you go! Go back to the ARe link, where I have several free shorts available.

"Well...I'm not really into erotic romance..."

Here you go! I also write romantic mysteries as LK Ellwood and other works under my other name.

"Well...I prefer audio books because I listen to them in the car/on the iPod..."

Here you go! I have three titles through Audible and more on the way.



Sorry. Just a bit emotional there. :-)

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