Saturday, June 9, 2012

On Weight Loss and Extreme Couponing - Why I Stink at Both

I've lost fifteen pounds in the last four weeks!

Normally, I'd view this as super awesome, but when you consider that I had once lost 40 pounds about two years ago, then gained it all back and have hovered around the same weight ever since, I wonder if I've truly lost. Since my little girl was born, I have been losing and regaining the same 40 pounds over and again, and this time I'm sick of it. I've hit my late 39's, I'm tired of climbing stairs and wheezing, and I want to be around when Little One goes off to college. So, it's back on Weight Watchers for me.

I have a love/hate relationship with Weight Watchers, in that it is the best and worst program for weight loss. Of all the programs I've tried, WW is the only one that works for me, yet while I'm on it there are days I want to peel off my skin and jump into the ocean. My problem with WW is I let it get too repetitive. I become so obsessed with tallying the points that I often play it safe and eat the same foods repeatedly. With little variety, I get bored easily, so it's little wonder that the second I hit goal I dive for the nearest Twinkies display at Kroger, and the vicious cycle starts again.

This time, however, I intended to mix it up more. I bring my own lunch to work, and I cook at home more. The variety this time around is better than in the past, so hopefully I'll get better results. I will also try not to worry when I have an off day - I'll just get back on track and not quit. Eating well is not a temporary thing anymore.

Which brings me to couponing. I cook at home and save so much money as opposed to eating out. Hubby and I have eaten out for most of our marriage. Our goofy schedules once commanded it, and I really don't think he likes eating at home, though he claims to cook well. In truth, he hasn't cooked in twenty years. With the little one getting older, I've managed to rope us in a few nights. I've tried extreme couponing recently and so far the best deal I made was saving seventy-five cents on two Milky Way bars, which were two for a buck. So, two candy bars for a quarter.

Milky Ways are eight WW points each. I haven't touched them.

It would be nice to walk into a grocery store on triple coupon day, plunk down a stack, and walk away with $500 worth of groceries for practically free. I don't think that's going to happen with me, though. For one, many coupons I've seen are for things I wouldn't buy, so I'd save more by not spending the money. For two, I don't have the patience to research where the coupons are worth more, because I have enough to do.

It's stressful, and when I'm stressed I eat. See where this is going?

So, I'll use coupons as I see fit, but I won't lose sleep over them, or feel guilty for that DQ Blizzard I had tonight. But, it is time for a loooong walk.

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