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Sex Scene Saturday

Welcome to another exciting edition of Sex Scene Saturday! I have F/F romance on the brain today, mainly because I recently had a discussion with another author about writing more, so I will showcase on of those stories. South of Sundance is available by itself or as part of my award-nominated anthology, She Loves Me. Hope you enjoy!

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About the book: Days before her sexy documentary debuts at a popular lesbian film festival, director Bebe Yasbeck is confronted by an old flame and conflicting feelings about the direction of her career and her assistant, Debra. Will her experience at South of Sundance provide her with the happy Hollywood ending she desires?

We begin this scene with Bebe and Debra about to "rehearse" for one of Bebe's provocative documentaries.

Debra relaxed upright on the comforter, idly toying with her nipples while Bebe soaked the dildo with a generous amount of slick lubricant. “Nice,” she remarked. “Have you mastered walking with that thing in you?”

Bebe straightened and eased her shoulders up and back. Her breasts rose with the movement, and Bebe loved how they still carried high and buoyant with no help from the knife after these thirty-plus years. “I just might surprise you today,” she teased, then slowly eased the thick base bulb into her core. Her pussy walls clamped down on the dildo while Bebe adjusted the rigid shaft to hover symmetrically. Satisfied, she stood in place for a few seconds to let Debra appreciate the new look.

Debra licked her lips. “Never thought I’d want a cock so badly,” she said.

“Is the camera running?”

Debra nodded, and Bebe oh so carefully stepped around the mattress corner to the side where Debra lay, legs apart and knees bent up. The camera’s vantage point would only show them from the torsos up, and as Bebe took in the scene she imagined how viewers might react to seeing Debra’s hand disappear from view as it snaked down to rub her pussy.

She looked as if she wanted to speak. Bebe bit her lip. Speak, she urged silently. Bebe wanted the film to capture their spontaneity—she hated to see anybody censor herself for the sake of perfection.

“What is it?” she asked, perched just out of camera shot, and stroking Debra’s inner thigh.

“Oh.” Debra sank down to get into position. “Was just wondering about oral.”

“I see. You think it will help? Get you in the mood?”

“Oh, no worries about that.” Debra laughed, and her forefingers pried her cleft apart to give Bebe a good view of her arousal.

“Okay.” Bebe slipped two fingers into Debra, noting the slickness of her channel. The woman felt tight and ready for her. “Maybe for the next movie, then? I’ll call that one Lick.”

This earned a louder chuckle. “Better than Jaws,” Debra shot back. She turned suddenly serious when Bebe moved to kneel before her.

“You’re so beautiful. I don’t know why you don’t want to spend more time in front of the camera,” Bebe murmured.

“I want to be a famous director when I grow up.” Debra winked. Bebe appreciated that Debra didn’t refer to her as this film’s director with the live camera before them. She encouraged spontaneity in her documentaries, yes, but any references to her as a direct participant could be decided later.

Gripping the woman’s knees, she helped spread Debra’s legs apart a bit wider, then dipped low to kiss the inside of one thigh. “I want to make this good for you. How long’s it been for you?”

“Since when? Playing with a sex toy?”

“Anything, anybody. Man, woman…both?”

Debra breathed slowly and deeply. Bebe paid attention to the rise and fall of her full, bare breasts, and decided to time her early thrusts to that rhythm.

“I had a threesome not long ago.” Debra looked away for a moment, her lips curling up softly in a smile, as though recalling that bliss to use for the camera.

The dildo bobbed under Bebe’s tight nether grip, and she steadied it by grasping the head, which resembled a circumcised crown. She traced Debra’s inner pussy lips, preparing for entry. “Really?” Bebe asked, her tone light and teasing. “And where was I?”

“That was your Toronto trip. You leave me alone for a weekend, I’m going to fill up the time.” Debra sucked the air through her teeth, clearing enjoying how Bebe taunted her with the fake cock.

“True, though I’m more curious about who filled you up that weekend. Spill.” Bebe hit the goldmine with Debra—as much as she adored the frankness of her subjects in Buzz, she wondered if she’d achieve that same level of comfort in this new movie. If every participant offered an open sexual nature as Debra, she’d truly surpass her sophomore expectations with this second movie. Of course, she wouldn’t fuck everybody featured—she’d seek out couples, people familiar and comfortable with each other.

“I had two other women, and it was heaven. Ooh. Yeah.”

Bebe braced the heels of her hands of either side of Debra’s pillow, and looked down at the young woman as she carefully guided the dildo into Debra’s pussy using only her hips to thrust. In this moment she wished she’d invested in some kind of helmet camera to capture her assistant’s immediate reaction to this new sensation. Of course, Bebe couldn’t count on the picture quality of a glorified webcam, and she refused to produce an end product that resembled a blurry, modern-day stag film.

To her delight, Debra turned toward the camera, her face contorted with pleasure. Bebe’s breasts hung low over the woman, barely grazing Debra’s own nipples. When the dildo reached the hilt Bebe lowered slightly and their skin connected, setting off a million nerve endings.

“Is heaven like this, too?” Bebe barely whispered.


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