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Sex Scene Saturday

Happy Mother's Day Eve! I'm happy to be participating in Sex Scene Saturday with a number of other romance authors. If you're interested in this particular story, I hope you'll check out some of the writers involved, too.

Also, to kick off these four Saturdays of sex scenes, I'm offering the story excerpted here free for a limited time. You can download Handle With Dare (contemporary, cougar) from SMASHWORDS for free using the code VZ35L. This offer is good through the 22nd, so don't wait too long to get your free story!

Right now, here's a preview, and click the links below for more!

Handle With Dare

Score one for Blondie, the young man did possess an impressive collection of books, and shelves that lined one short wall of the open layout. Of course, he did own the flatscreen and game console, but once he’d completed the brief tour his face took on a predatory glare that told Marlene they hadn’t come up to try out two-man tennis.

She managed to drift away from him to stand by the row of windows looking out onto the main avenue through the historic district. Sure enough, from this third story the loft afforded a great view of Jake’s Organic and the adjacent lot. With the store’s window lit and revealing a still-active party, Marlene caught sight of a number of familiar faces. Kate, her arm looped around boyfriend Devon’s, chatted animatedly with another couple, while Jake’s young wife wove through a throng of well-wishers.

Despite her heavy heart, she smiled. So much happiness there…surely they didn’t miss her. Nor she them.
Hands touched down on her neck, brushing her hair to one side. She’d detected Jeff’s reflection in the windows, and therefore kept her cool. She remained still as he explored, first lifting her unbuttoned sweater away, then slipping his hands under the hem of the knit tank. A trail of heat slithered up her spine, but what caused her to jump was the sudden sensation of skin against rayon when she realized Jeff had unhooked her bra.

He quickly curled his fingers under the straps and pulled them down her arms, then slipped underneath the front of her shirt to ease the cups rom her breasts. Taking each nipple between thumbs and forefingers, he rolled and pinched them, all the while pressing against her backside and rocking into her. Marlene’s arms felt leaden at her sides—the combined heat of his body and throbbing in her pussy as dictated by his attentions put her in a temporary stupor. Breathing seemed a chore now, and she fought for control of her thoughts before Jeff turned them into mud.

Unbidden, an image flashed in her mind of her in her underwear. She hadn’t anticipated seduction tonight, giving or receiving, so how would this gorgeous man react to a blah beige bra and granny panties? The man probably owned a drawer full of bikini cut animal prints, assuming he wore underwear.

He ground into her. She couldn’t mistake that erection rolling over her slacks. If she were able to judge the size correctly…would a bikini cut fit him at all?

Would he fit me?

“I-I should tell you something,” she said, her voice cracking.

“Mm.” He nuzzled her neck, planting kisses along the curve.

“I’ve only been with my husband, ever.” She didn’t know why she needed to confess this, but the air came back once she did. She waited, expecting everything to pause and for the bra to magically right itself. Jeff, however, continued as though he hadn’t heard her.

“Mm,” he repeated, then released his lips with a sucking kiss. “S’okay,” he whispered in her ear. “I know enough for the both of us.”


She looked back at the store. The party carried merrily on, with all guests unaware of the activity across the street in the lighted windows of the third floor of the old Buxton Building. Jeff slipped her shirt over her head and onto the floor, then undid her slacks and maneuvered them over her hips until they pooled to the floor without further aid. Marlene felt powerless to stop the inevitable, but certainly didn’t wish to discourage him.

Standing in front of him in age-appropriate underwear, her bra loose and slipping down her arms, she partly wanted to blush and hide. With her limited view of herself, she knew she couldn’t compare to a woman closer to Jeff’s age. True, she’d lost the weight and toned up quite a bit thanks to regular exercise, but one could only erase so much age. She wondered briefly if she should ask Jeff to dim the lights.

“You are so beautiful, Marlene.”

The words caused her to reconsider, and slowly she looked down at herself and inhaled. Sucking in a breath, she watched her bared breasts rise. Thank goodness for small favors, and good genes. While smallish, her breasts suited her frame well and didn’t sag. In fact, they perked up more when Jeff cupped one in hand and dipped low to pop the nipple into this mouth.

“Oh!” The sudden zing bolting from that erogenous zone spread over her chest and shot down her legs. The warmth in her pussy that first tingled now erupted into an ache that she desperately needed to soothe.


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Loved the excerpt and am looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

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Great excerpt, and thank you for the chance to read the whole story, Leigh!

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