Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simple Responses to Readers Unsure About eBooks

I have an author friend who does well at book fairs and signings. Every time a prospective reader drifts close to her table, she'll ask what he/she likes to read. No matter the answer, she holds up her book and recommends - romance, suspense, historical...my author friend holds up the book and says, "Here you go."

Some people are hard sells, too. Once a reader said she was only interested in Christian books. My author friend opened her book and read the Bible verse that began the first chapter. Sale.

Well, with the general focus shifting to eBooks, now we authors must romance (no pun intended) readers with digital devices. For those of us with titles that are only available in eBook format, there's the question of catering to readers who do not own a handheld device. If you are waiting for prices to come down on the Kindle and Nook (and it may just happen, I know some predict just that), you can still read eBooks bought from any store.

  • Click here for Nook apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and MAC
  • Click here for Amazon Kindle apps for the same devices
  • Click here to read Kindle titles in a browser
  • Click here for Microsoft Reader to read LIT format books
  • Click here for an EPUB reader that works in Firefox
Even if you don't have a PDA or smart phone, you can read eBooks on a laptop.

Not long ago, I read a thread on Facebook and somebody noted that she wanted to buy some Kindle books but didn't have a credit card. There is a way to get around this, too. Just go to your grocery store or drugstore and look for the gift card kiosk. Nook and Amazon have gift cards you can buy - just apply them to an account and enjoy shopping!


June M. said...

I noticed recently on Amazon too that you can now use your checking account, without your debit or credit card if that works. Even if you can't find the Amazon cards in stores, the prepaid credit cards work and these are in most stores &/or banks.

Leigh Ellwood said...

Good to know about the checking. I thought about the prepaid cards, but I believe they take time to clear, yes?

sbo said...

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