Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Read What You Like to Read

So many authors have addressed the issue regarding Paypal and their stance against certain genres of fiction sold (rather, once sold) by eBook vendors, that I have decided to take a different tack. If you want to catch up on the wave crashing over self/indie publishing right now, see Selena Kitt's blog and Eden Connor's open letter to Paypal. Both write on the subject more eloquently than I can right now.

In short, the books affected here are ones deemed to feature dubious content, namely the plethora of "pseudo-incest" titles one saw in recent months. You won't find any such titles in my catalog, though somebody implied to me that Dare and Dare Alike may brush the line. While the story has an MMM sex scene with two brothers, the brothers don't play with each other, just the third man. I've heard that some MFM stories may be considered twincest by the nature of the acts performed. Now, I also have an MFM story with Phaze, Midnight Passions, where the two males are brothers, so we'll see what happens with those stories. I don't believe they fall into the targeted categories, but given how some powers that be want to define squick, I can't speak with certainty.

I had no plans to try "PI" fiction myself, but I worry about these developments. If readers are prevented from using a pay source to buy a certain genre of fiction, who's to say they won't be able to buy another genre in the future? I certainly do not want to receive a letter from a vendor stating they must remove my M/M or F/F works because of a policy change, because somebody else has dictated what should be sold or read through your store.

I don't read PI fiction, but if you do, you should have the right to purchase the books you want to read. If you want to read a romance about two men or two women who love each other, you should have the right to buy that book. I realize the issue now is about one company leaning on vendors to have them remove titles from their stores - I hope all parties affected can find the resolutions they need to satisfy them. As for me, I will continue to write what I wish to write...just as readers should have the right to read what they wish without having any entity tell them otherwise.

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