Thursday, February 2, 2012

Picking Up After a Fumble - Resuming a Series

I would like to address something related to an email I received recently from a reader. A few years ago I released with Samhain Publishing an M/M novella called Taste This. This is highly sexed sci-fi story about a renegade alien who kidnaps a baker. I was sort of inspired by earlier stories about alpha males claiming mates, and I just had fun with a story that's basically wall to wall sex. I had billed the book as the first of a series, and left the story with an ambiguous ending. I want you to know it had always been my intention to return to the story. As a wise man once said, "life gets in the way when you're making other plans."

Not long after Taste This released, life did change for me. I had an infant at the time of writing this, and I had no editing or publishing responsibilities. As I become more involved with another publishing house behind the scenes, my writing priorities shifted. Then other plot bunnies emerged, then my child needed her mother, then we moved, and so on and on. All this time, sequels to this and a few other stories remained smoldering on the back burner.

Recently, I got called on this. "You left us hanging," said the message, and that person is right. I can give you every excuse under the sun, but at the end of the day I know I can't disappoint readers. It was never my intention to do so. I had planned to extend a number of stories into series: I was going to write a third story in my short Jack series, I was going to write a follow-up to Long Awaited Friend, and I was going to write Bittersweet, the Taste This sequel. I still have Pure Bliss, the second Bliss book, open and waiting my attention.

You know what? These will be written. I don't like leaving work unfinished, and if a sequel is forthcoming I need to make it happen. Whether these works will be published through the original publishers or on my own remains to be seen, but I will write them.

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