Monday, January 16, 2012

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

If you follow this blog, and by extension my writing career, you know that I have published primarily with smaller, digital houses and have dabbled in self/indie publishing - however you wish to term it. With the completion of my latest project, the M/M novel tentatively titled Act Daring, I have decided to explore other options. A full manuscript was requested at the beginning of the month, this after fifteen days of waiting while the three-chapter sample was out. So, technically, I am at the one-month mark of waiting for a definite answer.

If you are an author, you know that waiting stinks. Sometimes the anxiety gets the better of you and you have trouble concentrating on the next WIP. I am especially nervous, because I feel the fate of Act Daring (or it could become Acts of Daring, we'll soon know) could mark a new direction in my writing. This is the first true full-length M/M novel I have written - all previous manlove efforts are novella or shorter - and once I have this book secured I will know whether or not I should continue with the genre. Oh, I will likely write M/M in the future - but will I use my time to devote to longer works in general or write until the story reaches a matter the length? So much to think about in 2012.

Right now, though, I'm thinking about Act Daring and wondering what the editor thinks of it. How much has he/she read? Does he/she like it? When can I expect to hear a yes or no? I've forgotten how much of a toll the wait puts on you. I am trying my damnedest to keep writing in the meantime, and I have the release of Odd on Feb. 7th to keep me busy as well. For the authors who aren't able to do anything else, how do you help along the wait? Here are a few things I have tried lately to take my mind off the coming call/reject:

1) Read more. I'm close to ten books into my 100 pledged for the year.
2) Angry Birds. Curse whoever invented this.
3) Walking. I needed to do this anyway. Walking is great for easing frustration.
4) Cooking. I've dusted off some cookbooks and am getting back into making dinner for everybody.
5) Movies. I have Sense and Sensibility  on my Amazon cloud player. When I'm really feeling down I set it to Alan Rickman's entrance and go from there. I could almost do Rocky Horror lines to this movie now.
6) Shopping therapy. Lot of dangerous eCommerce sites out there. Want a Dr. Who t-shirt? I have plenty.
7) Pinterest. Online crack.
8) Sleep. When I can get it.

How do you wait out a submission? I could use some more ideas.

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