Monday, January 23, 2012

Setting Up Utilities

Contribution by Saul Martin

Moving into new bigger house seems so good in theory. Then the actually packing begins and you start to wonder what in the world you were thinking. Your old house starts to feel so nice and big enough because it would be so nice to just swipe your to-do list clean and not have to pack up a thing. We will be moving in to our new house on Saturday and I am already swearing that we will never move again. This next house has to be our forever home because I don't think I could do this again! The unpacking is usually a little easier because you are excited about making your new house look good and be functional. And nothing beats that first night in your new house when you end up exhausted from a day of moving, eating pizza on paper plates, and sleeping on a mattress on the floor. One thing I almost completely forgot to do was set up utilities for the new house. Can you imagine moving all that furniture with no lights or air conditioner? I did get everything turned on and I even signed up for wildblue satellite internet. I am so excited but ready for this to all be done!

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