Thursday, January 5, 2012

Authors After Dark Reading Challenge

I am sad to miss the 2012 Authors After Dark conference. Having attended the first three, I have to tell you that it's an event you should attend at least once if you love the romance genre. AAD is an intimate conference, and mixing with authors and readers is so much easier to do here than at other events I've attended. I like that AAD travels annually, but as I have committed to three personal trips this year - to Florida, Germany, and California - I decided that I needed to curb my conference trips for 2012 to save money.

Hopefully in 2013 I can attend again, but for now I'll be there in spirit through the AAD Reading Challenge. It occurred to me that while I've been to AAD and have read many attending authors' books, I don't read much paranormal or other genres repped there. Since I've committed to reading 100 books this year, I pledge to make some of them from attending AAD authors.

Anyway, here are the details of the reading challenge. I will post my reviews on my Goodreads account (the active one under my real name) and link back here. I haven't chosen the books yet, but here are some of the authors I'll try. If you want to recommend a title, please comment!

Joey W. Hill
Abigail Barnette
Gayle Donnelly
Pearl Love
Arianna Skye
Trinity Blacio
Cat Grant
Robyn Mackenzie
Damon Suede
Boone Brux
Bronwyn Green
Lissa Matthews
Sandy Sullivan
Stephanie Burke
Tilly Greene
T.J. Michaels
Julia Talbot
Anne Cain
Megan Grooms
Lacie Nation
B.A. Tortuga
Melanie Card
Kayleigh Jamison
Kris Norris
Mia Watts
Diana Castilleja
Jessica Jarman
Sophie Oak
Beth Williamson
Kris Cook
Cat Johnson
Brynn Paulin
L.A. Witt
Teresa D'Amario
Samantha Kane
S.A. Price
Jae Lynne Davies
Stacey Kennedy
PJ Schnyder
Delilah Devlin
Rosalie Lario
Melissa Schroeder
C.H. Admirand
Judi Fennell
Darynda Jones
Nicole Peeler
Michele Bardsley
Yasmine Galenorn
Stephanie Julian
Katie Reus
Shayla Black
Lia Habel
Erin Kellison
Jessa Slade
Manda Collins
Jess Haines
Jade Lee
Carolyn Crane
Mark Henry
Kelly Meding
Virna DePaul
Leanna Renee Hieber
Pamela Palmer
Cynthia Eden
Alexandra Ivy
Allison Pang
Sydney Croft
Kelly Gay
Diana Rowland
Merrie Destefano
Suzanne Johnson
Jaye Wells
Mari Freeman
Theresa Meyers
Jeaniene Frost
Kristen Painter
Eliza Gayle
Adrian Phoenix

Check back regularly for news. It's on!

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