Saturday, December 10, 2011


This guest post from Hong Alexander

I have been so sad since one of my favorite shows, Lost, went off the air. I used to watch it every week on our Expert Satellite. A group of friends would come to my house and we would make some food, chat and watch all the new episodes. Of course, once the episode comes on, there is not much talking. We wanted to make sure we heard everything that happened. We would talk a bit when the commercials came on. Every episode there more questions were proposed than answered. That can be frustrated sometimes, but for us, it was really enjoyable. It sounds silly, but it was really cool to watch every season that way. Every week, someone would make a different dish and bring it for all of us to share. Since then, we all have hung out, but we miss the show! It was an excuse to get together, but it was also just a great show. For the finale, we actually went to a local theater and watched it on the big screen. That may have been the highlight of all the seasons we watched.

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