Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Release and a NaNo Plan

First things first: I have a new release available today.

Midnight Passions

Fantasy/Paranormal, MFM Erotica
Buy now at!

Living as a single mom doesn't give Colleen much opportunity for romance, and when her only shot with Daryl goes sour, she reluctantly settles for a good book borrowed from her neighbor. What handsome John neglects to tell her, though, is that his library is filled with titles of magical quality - open the book and you're in the story!

When Colleen finds a book on John's shelf called "Midnight Passions," she realizes reading is fundamental ... for her sex life.

Please note: this story first appeared in Phaze Fantasies, Vol. 1, which is now out of print. If you never got around to getting that book, this story is definitely new to you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Secondly, a bit of NaNoWriMo news - I have decided to attempt another year. Of all the years I have tried this, I won twice. Granted, during some of these year I had a baby/toddler to look after, which made writing difficult. Also, I was running a publishing company, and that cut into my time. Now that I have some breathing room, I have decided to conquer this last albatross.

However, I'm approaching NaNo differently this time. I didn't sign up on the official site, so I'm working independently of that. I know that you get good support and a nifty badge when you're done over there, but as I do not intend to start a new book this month I don't feel it right to register. Since I came into NaNo 25K deep into a work in progress, my plan is to spend November finishing that work, then starting something new until I have reached the 50K goal. I estimate this current work will total 40-50K when I am done, and that will allow me to start the next story. I just need to decide which one to do:
  • Pure Bliss, the next Bliss shifter story
  • Closer to the Heart, the follow-up to Long Awaited Friend
  • Daring Destiny, the next Dareville book in the regular chronology
  • one of the thousand other plot bunnies bouncing in my head
What I need is another November.

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