Sunday, November 20, 2011

NaNo Week 3 Recap

We are headed into the home stretch here. I am amazed by my personal output this month. I won't say that everything I've written is gold, but it's there. I predict Editing Month is going to be very busy.

My goal is to reach 50K before Thanksgiving. Come the holidays, I turn into a useless, food vacuum and I fear I won't have time to be creative. Of course, never say never - I could get lucky and the grandparents will watch the little one.

Anyway, here is where we stand for Week 3.

Pure Bliss: This is the follow up to Sheer Bliss, my new paranormal series. The target count for this work is 20K, roughly the same length as the first work, with the intention to write one or two more stories for a later omnibus print. I started this after finishing one of my projects.

Week One Total - N/A
Week Two Total - N/A
Week Three Total - 3060 words

Act Daring: This is my latest Dareville WIP - an M/M set in the Dareville universe but not necessarily in the time frame of the Big 4 books (Truth or Dare through Dare to Dream). I'll have more details later, but I will note that I had well over 25K of this book written when I started NaNo. It is my intention to see this to completion as a full-length novel, which would be the first since Boone.

Week One Total - 8298 words
Week Two Total - 7640 words
Week Three Total - 4617 words

Project Blues Brothers: This is a work I am co-writing with my father. Dad is 75 and loves mysteries; he gave me the idea for one of my non-Leigh works, and he's wanted to write one of his own. He is currently working on the bones of the story while I flesh it out. This is a mystery involving the murder of a priest who operates a homeless shelter.

Week One Total - 1012 words
Week Two Total - 0 words (didn't have time to work on this one)
Week Three Total - 0 words (this is a collaboration, and Dad's been traveling)

Rock Til You Drop: This is the follow-up to another non-Leigh novel, Dead Barchetta. My sleuth Lerxst Johnston is getting into trouble again.

Week One Total - 2652 words
Week Two Total - 6145 words
Week Three Total - 4365 words

Untitled WIP: I've been noodling with an erotic short that may not go more than 7K. Still undecided on what to do with this quickie. UPDATE - COMPLETED

Week One Total - 1850 words
Week Two Total - 1948 words
Week Three Total - 1776 words



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