Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaNo Week 2 Recap

Week Two of NaNoWriMo Lite, as I've come to call this experiment, is moving quite swimmingly. I couldn't tell you whether or not refraining from officially registering on the NaNo site has helped, but I do know that not necessarily focusing on one project takes away the pressure of trying to finish something in a month. I don't worry about meeting deadlines, because I have not set any. I like that I can approach this exercise on my own terms.

Anyway, here is the Week Two recap, along with what I've done so far overall:

Act Daring: This is my latest Dareville WIP - an M/M set in the Dareville universe but not necessarily in the time frame of the Big 4 books (Truth or Dare through Dare to Dream). I'll have more details later, but I will note that I had well over 25K of this book written when I started NaNo. It is my intention to see this to completion as a full-length novel, which would be the first since Boone.

Week One Total - 8298 words
Week Two Total - 7640 words

Project Blues Brothers: This is a work I am co-writing with my father. Dad is 75 and loves mysteries; he gave me the idea for one of my non-Leigh works, and he's wanted to write one of his own. He is currently working on the bones of the story while I flesh it out. This is a mystery involving the murder of a priest who operates a homeless shelter.

Week One Total - 1012 words
Week Two Total - 0 words (didn't have time to work on this one)

Rock Til You Drop: This is the follow-up to another non-Leigh novel, Dead Barchetta. My sleuth Lerxst Johnston is getting into trouble again.

Week One Total - 2652 words
Week Two Total - 6145 words

Untitled WIP: I've been noodling with an erotic short that may not go more than 7K. Still undecided on what to do with this quickie.

Week One Total - 1850 words
Week Two Total - 1948 words



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