Sunday, November 27, 2011

NaNo and Contest Updates

Oh, it's good to be home. This Thanksgiving weekend, as many others spent with family, happened at the in-laws. There, WiFi is but a dream, and I must rely upon dial-up to stay in touch with the rest of the world. You heard me - it's not exactly the Third World, but it's very rural. Some of us may consider it a dream to go off the grid - trust me, I know I would. There are times I wish I could cut off the wires and wireless and get back to nature. The holiday season is very busy for an author, though, and I've done quite a bit of catching up since I've been home.

First off, let me congratulate the following recent contest winners:
  • Super Coupon Girl won the ARe gift card drawing.
  • Emmett won the five Phaze Books downloads from the 5th anniversary party for Elisa Rolle's blog.
  • C.W. won the Kindle Fire from the Black Friday blog hop, plus two downloads from me.
  • J.M. won a free download from my backlist from the TRS Thanksgiving party.
Is that everybody? I hope so.

So, on to NaNoWrimo. Having the extended downtime for the holiday gave me plenty of time to write. Limited Internet access = less time to fool around online, so I am happy to say I got a fair amount of work done on my three major works in progress. I'll remind you once again: I did not sign up for the official NaNoWriMo project this year, as I wished only to track my progress writing 50K words, not necessarily for one novel. I find this is an exercise I would like to take into December as I continue to work on books I want to finish before next year. We'll see.

So here is the last week's tally:

Pure Bliss: This is the follow up to Sheer Bliss, my new paranormal series. The target count for this work is 20K, roughly the same length as the first work, with the intention to write one or two more stories for a later omnibus print. I started this after finishing one of my projects.

Week One Total - N/A
Week Two Total - N/A
Week Three Total - 3060 words
Week Four Total - 2592 words

Act Daring: This is my latest Dareville WIP - an M/M set in the Dareville universe but not necessarily in the time frame of the Big 4 books (Truth or Dare through Dare to Dream). I'll have more details later, but I will note that I had well over 25K of this book written when I started NaNo. It is my intention to see this to completion as a full-length novel, which would be the first since Boone.

Week One Total - 8298 words
Week Two Total - 7640 words
Week Three Total - 4617 words
Week Four Total - 9157 words

Project Blues Brothers: This work will be carried over to December's NaNo. With the other projects so far along, I will finish at least one of them before moving forward on this one.

Rock Til You Drop: This is the follow-up to another non-Leigh novel, Dead Barchetta. My sleuth Lerxst Johnston is getting into trouble again.

Week One Total - 2652 words
Week Two Total - 6145 words
Week Three Total - 4365 words
Week Four Total - 5375 words

GRAND TOTAL - 60172 WORDS over all projects


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